So many holidays Jan 5th to Jan 8th. So many times for my beau Seymour and Yours Truly to celebrate.

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>”This is yours truly Lady Lynda May Hoffenstetter Toze. Let’s see Last Friday January 5th was Twelfth Night. Saturday was Epiphany, Sunday was Orthodox Christian Christmas and keeping with the holiday spirit Elvis Presley’s birthday. So many ways to enjoy these wondrous special days. Officially I am not into celebrating any of these celebrations. To be honest I don’t observe the first three. What it comes down to is an excuse to eat fabulous scrumptious food with my most understanding paramour and husband Seymour. Ah yes Seymour Toze.”

12th night is officially the end of the Christmas season Now I know I saw people leave their decorations up past January 5th to each their own. One thing that’s no problem is that yummy Kings cake. Named for I suppose the three kings who visited the Christ Child. It was such a delight for Seymour and I to make the cake from scratch. We followed the recipe on the net Only we made it somewhat less fattening and therefore more healthy.

The recipe ingredients were unbleached flour, egg substitute, almond milk, dried fruit , crushed almonnds, Stevia and raw honey mix for sweetener. It was basically a fancy fruit cake met for a king. ie King cake. I know that my hubby and I loved eating it The desert was made in the crock pot and it took a couple hours to cook.

Epiphany is in commenoration of the Magi and their gifts for baby Jesus. That is a day celebrated by people who practice Christianity worldwide. We chose Italian since it was delicious cuisine and easy to find such restaurants in the neighborhood. We chose an intimate romantic eatery called “Bellisias” That word means the best in Italiano and it certainly lived up to its name. We chose Penne Pasta with Olio and Garlic. Superb.

Orthodox Christmas we enjoyed Greek dishes. Seymour and I figured anything with Feta cheese would make it Greco. It was brown and wild rice
with Feta. Scrumptious I can never eat white rice because of my diabetes. Just an aside here Nobody should eat white rice. Its the brown rice that leaves in the bran. That is where the nutrients are. White leaves out that most important part of the grain.

Lastly its the Kings Birthday. ELVIS!!! My Favorite song “Teddy Bear” I love Teddy’s. They are so sweet. Those pics of Presley and the cute bears brings back such fond memories of me and my Teddy Bear. Seymour still keeps his original Teddy from his childhood. He told me his mother and father thought he was becoming too attached when he insisted on bringing Teddy with them when they went out to eat. Several months of this insistence they sneakily took Teddy away from little Seymour. It was a few days later he found out and called the operator. The woman on the other end of the line told him she couldn’t look up his number without a last name. He tearfully told, with tears streaming down his face. His last name is Bear Teddy Bear. She tried to keep from laughing. When he grew up they gave back his bear and its still with us know. No he doesn’t sleep with it. I know there are a lot of weirdness with Toze but he does draw the line in this case. Getting back to Elvis. There were many fabulous recordings. From his earliest “That’s alright Mama” originally sung and written by Black blues artist Atthur Crudup 1954 to Presley’s recording of “Bridge over Troubled Waters” by Paul Simon. To his beautiful Gospel songs such as “Crying in the Chapel in the mid50s. Recorded in the late 40s by the R&B group the Orioles. Elvis was such an underrated singer. He was so super talented. He recorded his versions of early rock and roll . One exampleJust one question “Good Rockin’ Tonight” by Roy Brown 1947 and an even early blues song Kokomo Arnold’s “Milk Cow Blues” He made thise songs realy rock as only he could. Presley was phenomenal. Swivel hips version of Jr Parker’s”Mystery Train ” is to me hauntingly beautiful. One question.if January 7 is the Orthodox Christmas when is theiR New Year?

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