Yippie Ki Ay!!! News about Upcoming Rodeo. Cheap Flight to Dallas. Texas Steak restaurant

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Lady Lynda and Seymour Toze snuggle together on their love seat as they watched their absolute favorite afternoon talk show. They love the perky , personable blonde hostess The couple laughed at the television woman’s monologue. Next they heard the guests and topics. Seymour and Lady Lynda heard there would be highlights of a real rodeo in Dallas TX.

“I RECALL darling There’s going to be a local rodeo“Yes it is.Id be fun to go us two.’ Seeing those cowboys, bronkin[ bulls, clowns and all that thrilling rodeo stuff”
“Yippee eye kay aye the rodeo!!!! yell the couple gleefully . Now is their chance. Seymour Toze proclaims I don't recall feeling this exciting since my first pedicure woman customer. I'm as thrilled as you are "gushes Lady Lynda. "As thrilled as seeing Dan. D. Walker talk clearly with my help" He immediately comes to mind when I hear rodeo. "Seeing real cowboys with genuine fancy carved leather boots They pictur horses running wild on the dirt floor. The cowboys lasso those calves as quickly as Seymour Toze’s beady eyes eye the toes of his female pedicure customers.

Lady Lynda and the love of her sighed a sigh of relief when their cheap flight safely reached the local airport/ From tnere it was a short "Uber" ride to the rodeo. Seymour Toze sat at the middle tier row. The two thought it was a terrific unobstructed view. They were glad too they bought binoculars just in case. Lady Lynda tried to stifle her disapproval when she couldn’t help noticing how Seymour was quite interested in the curvaceous female drum majorettes in their rather skimpy cowgirl outfits. Seymour immediately noticed his honey’s disapproval. He started to put his left arm around her while with his right arm holding the binoculars. "Awww honey baby its only a show.” “Yes its that’s all it should be “ snaps his wife.

The twosome saw Native American men and women in full regalia including colorful headdresses with beautiful colorful plumes. Next came the Cowboys on their majestic black steeds. There were the clowns too giving the show a silly yet fun flavor. Th first act came out looking like they were chomping at the gate, the bronco riders. They looked no more then their late teens. Some of their skills were truly mpressive. They gave everyone who saw them they were practicing their rodeo skills since they were knee high to that proverbial grasshopper. Like they were little enough to look up to Jiminy Cricket
Lady Lynda noticed one of the bronco riders was somewhat older then the rest. She began to look at him more closely. As she did the woman immediately noticed it was Dan. D.Walker. The woman couldn’t believe her eyes. The man she met at the “World’s Oldest Freak Show” The man who virtually everyone in Intercourse PA thought was so exotic because they never heard a Texan accent before. There he was on that bull riding him like a pro. The couple noticed how when the bull dipped forward , Walker would lean backwards. When the animal rose on his two feet, his rider would bend down. It was a joy to behold such symmetry. At least the ride was over and Dan D. Walker shouted Yippee kay Eye as he jumped off victorious.

He then looked up and saw the Tozes. He ran over. Pumped up with victory, to where his friends sat, he smiled and waved at them. It was such a great feeling to see his old pals. Lady Lynda and Seymour Toze. The couple waved and smiled back. It was a terrific way to end the day at the rodeo. They all celebrated at the Grand View Steak Restaurant."

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