Cheap Flight to the Ponderosa Stomp.

Way down yonder in oldies festival time in the “Big Easy”
Subtitle Lady Lynda and Seymour Toze look forwaard to one of the coolest oldies festivals in the US. The Ponderosa Stomp. <"href='">
Lady Lynda and Seymour Toze cuddle next to each other in their adjacent seats on the plane. Neither of the couple knew whether to trust their cheap flight to New Orleans. They are so excited to be at the Ponderosa Stomp oldies festival. This was especially true when they constantly jolted with the flight being so wobbly. They rest their elbows on the incline between them Lady Lynda grips her spouse’s hand as tight as a cap on a hermetically sealed jar. Seymour winces but tells himself its worth it to comfort his wife. He looks out the window to distract himself from the discomfort.
“Are you sure this cheap airline is safe?” his wife quite uneasily asks. ‘
Toze replies “A little turbulance is to be expected dear”
“Are you certain this is a little” she asks.

Just then the plane is smoothly sailing. The couple breath simultaneously a sigh of relief. They joke how their synchronized breathing proved they were meant for each other. Seymour Toze is especially glad Lady Lynda’s grip was much looser. What a relief his honey’s grip wasn’t so visor like. Seymour told himself he loved holding hands with his honeykins but that was way too much. He and his honeykins were happy the plane landed safely in New Orleans They were pleased too that they reserved a room in a local moderately priced hotel near the Ponderosa Stomp. It was a bed and breakfast. Seymour loved the place’s name. “Maison Pierre Lafitte. Toze thinks of the name reminded him of lafeet.The name of the hotel rekiknded of his career as a shoe salesman at the “inter Leather” shoe store and his profession as a pedicurist. But especially how he loved his wife’s firm fleshy toes that he first noticed on that day in swin class in high school. He proposed that it was French for the feet. He knew from making the reservation with his wife this was where he and his honeykins should stay. It helped too he reflected that the rooms were cozy and comfty with comfortable queen size beds and quaint furnishing. The view from the picture window was truly spectacular as well.Lady Lynda agreed that it was a charming gem to stay in in the heart of the “Big Easy”
Hotel. Next day Ponderosa Stomp.

Lady Lynda and her hubbykina wake up from a refreshing evening’s sleep. Lady Lynda squeals with glee and excitement as she pictures her and Seymour at the Ponderosa Stomp. The yearly musical festival of obscure but ultra talented pop singers from the past decades. Seymour smiles as he envisions performing in person such rock and roll stalwarts such as Lenny Lizardo and his Leapin’ lizards, old timer Papa Don Preach and most of all Wanda Gudtimes and her Good Time Gals. The couple wiggled their shoulders and gyrated to the wild sounds. The two screamed with delight at the acts of the two early October festival. Lady Lynda gushed with delight how the music was a potpouri of blues, jump blues , country, rockabilly and other musical genres Seymour hooted excitedly as the sounds stretched back to nearly fifty years and counting It was an oldies lovers delight they wholeheartedly agreed. They were deeply grateful for the “Knights of the MauMau” Seymour Toze felt a lump in his throat as thought about the negro influence to modern music. From the primitive drumming of “Congo Square”in New Orleans by the slaves prior to the emancipation to modern RYB and even hip hop. It was a mighty sound he grandly opined Lady Lynda Toze sat there with a gleeful grin enjoying the many sounds of the truly talented performances

The perforemers, single artists and groups proudly walk up the steps to the stage to perform their most famous numbers. Many of them gushed as they played before ever grateful audience. Some smiled triumphantly to be playing once more at a live performance. Everyone was grateful to be back on stage doing what they loved. The joy of pleasing enthusiastic listeners was palpable. That is being a part of an evening entertaining with their hit songs their fans. Plus entertaining new fans too. Directly above them was the round Pondersosa stomp sign prominently displayed One by one the performances were the epitomy of the roots of rock and roll.
The performers walked on stage in what was a several hour tribute to the roots of rock. The crowd clapped, hooted, hollered. They stomped their fee with the powerful feet. The Tozes thought it was an old fashion camp meeting. The only difference was instead of religion getting into their soul it was good old fashion rock and roll. It was down home R&R mixed with r&B, Rockabilly, Swamp Rock and anything the crowd desired. Lady Lynda thought it was the fun they could ever remember at a music concert.

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