Dan D. Walker and Desiree go to Lady Lynda’s Lecture of how to networking for Newbies”

Dan D. Walker and Desiree Lee go to Lady Lynda’s Talk on network marketi

The cavernouus room’s stucco walls were painted an off kilter white. The not quite white gave the space an uneasy atmosphere. The place was immaculate.The linoleum floor was white,black and scarlet linoleum floor. The building where the room was was situated between the local city hall and the municipal police station. Nearby was the main chain book store. The interior of the room with its rows of sturdy metal and leather seat chairs was one of firm orderliness. As if it held power over whoever was in it.

The patrons loudly clapped in anticipation for Lady Lynda Mae Hoffenfetter Toze. Dan D. Walker and his lady friend sat near the front. Dan D. wore a periwinkle blue paisley silk shirt underneath a silver hued fancy vest . His leather belt bucket was oversized in gold leaf wwth a silhoette of Texas. His blue jeans went well with his slate grey wool tuxedo jacket. His outfit was complete with his black thin bolero tie. On his head he proudly wore a genuine Stetson hat. His boots were complete with real spurs and were of real rattlesnake skin. Walker wanted to make certain he could hear his mentor’s every word so he could show Desiree Lee exactly. how smart Lady Lynda was.

Desiree Lee Meriweather’s dress was mid way between her knees and ankles. It’s material was that of cotton and lace. There was a print of pink and powder blue little flowers. Her full length sleeves ended in frilly Belgian lace. Her neck line was trimmed the same way . It consisted of six buttons so she could be as prim or daring as she chose. Her choice was to be sexy and a lady.

The people there including Dan D and Desiree were chomping at the bit to hear the networking for newbies talk commence. Walker put his manly arm around his lady friend’s slender sloping shoulders. The woman took a confident breath and swung her slender arm over his brawny right shoulder

”Good evening ladies and gentlemen My talk is on the issue of network marketing on a budget for newbies I will briefly discuss social networking, video sites, forums. Some free and cheap ways to promote your business site is utilizing social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and especially LInkedin I mean the last one especially geared toward business promotion and networking. Plus its free to join I strongly urge you to do so. As for the others they’re important to be members too. In Facebook you can make a page for your firm. I’d get as many friends as possible. I’d start out with family and friends you know offline and build a base from that. Facebook pages with no friends I tend to think are scammers. I’m certain I’m not the only who who feels that way. Instagram and Snapchat you can promote your commercial endeavors. The issue with Twitter its great for soundbites. I mean tweets that are pithy and get one’s attention.

One can join forums. You should only join forums with a genuine interest. Support groups can be handy too. Plus groups such as one’s on Google, Yahoo. What ever one’s you become a member if you can create your signature. That’s sig for short . Consistently include your URL. If you can’t include you’re URL don’t be a part of it. Same with sites with editorials , reports any place you can leave a comment. Luckily thre is a nifty little program called “Disqus” Many web sites where you can comment are members of Disqus. Warning there are trolls so that’s the downside Conversely you may get upvoted and even complimented. Its an individual decision whether to comment in a comment section”

The very next moment a young houligan shouted “Why should we listen to an old fuddy duddy like you” Lady Lynda quipped “Nobody forced you to come here you scalliwag”
Scalliwag? What!!! Are we in the 1950s.” retorted the heckler.

“I’ve seen every dang thing but this sure takes the cake. Especially when all Lady Lynda is doing is trying to people who network improve their networking strategies. I got to do something about this.
‘Yes Dan This experience is leaving a sour taste in my mouth”
‘Cut out you hooligans, you scoundrels. You are the most uncouth folk Ahhh ever did see.”
‘Mind your own beeswax ’ one goth young woman said. . ‘I was being amused. I was having a fine time.’
‘Gosh dern you young lady this is my business.. You young folks don’t appreciate this kind, thoughtful woman trying her best to school ya. ”

The very next moment her husky six feet four boyfriend came marching over. Dan D. Walker got out his chair and rose to his full manly six feet four height. He gazed directly at the lady’s man The young man instantly knew when he was licked.

‘All right. I was trying to protect nmy good friend Lady Lynda. I’m be forever grateful she taught me to enunciate Clearly. Besides I’m here to learn about networking.
“That was the nicest thing you did did” replied Mrs Seymour Toze. ”
“Now lets listen to Lady Lynda’s talk in peace You might learn to be a better man and your lady friend a better, more considerate woman. ”

Lady Lynda smiled with gratitude and continued edifying the audience who were grateful for her edification.

Dan D. Walker gets the Surprise of his Life at the Gas Station

“I feel so thrilled  driving my chevy cruiser down the  highway” Daniel Delbert Walker exclaimed It feels so freeing to get in my car, go down the road without a care in the world. Just me and my sedan, Man oh man in a sedan that;s what I am and I’m feeling like a zillion bucks. The fresh air in my long hair and I don’t care. I’m in the open air and everything is wonderfully fair” declared Dan.

If there was a humdinger of a gal with me that’d be the frosting on the cake, Its the one time I feel satisfied is when I’m cruising on down the road. I don’t care where I’m going, I want to drive my car as long as I can. I’ll never get tired of the open road.

Three’s a gas station up a ways I see my gas gage just this side of half full I better stop here Its just a short drive to the self serve What do I see? She is some humdinger Dang she looks familiar. I sure wish I could place her, . Man how she moves she’s poetry in motion. Jimmy Clanton one of my favorite R&R singers. She’s looking my way. I can’ see she sure is purty but i can’t quite see exactly what she looks like. She’s only a few feet from me now Oh my gosh dern she’s Desire She looks like if she got the chance she’d tear my throat. CCan’t blame her. I was the one that threw her out of my place. I better finish getting my gas and get the heck on my way. Oh no she’s following me. What do I do now? ”

She’s yelling and screaming at me. Wha rotten luck to bump into Desiree. Shes telling me I’m a real varmint. Someday soon I’ll get my comeuppance. When I do she’ll the happiest gal in the world.

Yet when I look at her I get mixed emotions. She’s got a hankering to do me in but she changed a whole lot. She lost that extta weight. Her hair is done up so nicely. She’s dressed in an outfit that really shows up her terrific curse, Hot diggity I feel so strange I’m scared but she’s so mighty fine looking. ”

“Dan D Walker you sure done me wrong. Well I picked myself up and went for a self improvement program to forget about you. I figured if I lost enough weight, got in shape, read some self improvement books I’d forget you ever existed. But now that we meet again I’m willing to give you a second chance.”

“I’m feeling much relieved ” thought the Texan as he sighed to himself Maybe it’d be okay if I gave her one too. “Desiree let’s start anew”