Lady Lynda tells the importance of including you’re URL in a sig.

Lady Lynda struts proudly onto the stage.  She feels she is gradually getting used to the new direction of her talks.    The next moment she climbs the six small wooden steps to the stage.   She quickly surveys the crowd to see how she should gear her talk.  Her eyes notice it is mostly a young, eager audience.   The woman looks directly at the people there and begins her next talk.   One way to promote your site is to join message boards and  other sites where you can express your opinions.    However if you post your business site in your responses  or if you begin a message board  topic you’ll be considered a scammer.    There are  three elements on the internet that  are considered the worse one can ever be.   They are trolls , scammers and spammers.    Spammers write for the sole purpose of selling   This is considered quite crass by most of the people on the World wide web.     I’m not dismissing trolls and scammers by any means.    They are just as nefarious I must communicate.

This is how you do it2 So what do you do?  How do promote without spamming    Well this is how its done.{  She peruses the patrons to see if they are paying attention.  “You write in your profile aka sig your url. Sig is short for signature.  You can think of it as your minibio.  Only in this biography you emphasize your  product or service.  Its like your resume for your internet address.   URL is your web site address.  Then when you reply to a post then someone can look at your profile.

This is the reason3  Oh I see the groans here.  Like that’s a lot of time consuming writing.   Its such a grievous hassle.   Well  there is a way  to get out of those tedious  work.  Simple!!!  You use  Disqus is net spelling for discuss.  You join and every single sig is included. One and done.  I strongly recommend   Its a real handy tool and a real time saver.   Time as they say is money.   You don’t want to waste it.  This site is a real gem for every networker wanting to promote their bizops.

My final thoughts and questions and answers opportunity    First off what did you learn here? The young networkers mentioned the importance of putting your biz url in the sig. Lady Lynda smiled and wished them well as they left the hall.

Lady Lynda relaxes between newbie networkers talks by thinking of January Holidays

  • ;Lady Lynda to help relax between her newbie networking talks reflects on festive times in January

“Lets see there’s January 5th “Twelvth Night. Next Day Ephiphany, Sunday Orthodox Christmas and Monday Elvis Presley’s Birtday Offhand I think he would of been in his eighties. Its so much fun commenaring holidays. Of course I don’t actually celebrate Twelvth Night, Epiphany, Orthodox Christmas but I do kind of observe them by either going to restaurants with Seymour, my dear  husband. Or  I make meals that go with the special day. For example for Twelth Night I made myself in the Crock pot a “Twelth Night Cake” It was from a recipe on the net. It consisted of unbleached flour, egf substitute, almond milk for extra moistness, dried fruit and chopped almonds. My sweetener was Stevia with a touch of raw honey It was basically a fruit and nut cake. I know a lot of people don’t like fruit cake . But I loved my Twelth Night cake It was so sweet and
yumny. I love holidays because you can make such delicious recipes

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