Lady Lynda relaxes between newbie networkers talks by thinking of January Holidays

  • ;Lady Lynda to help relax between her newbie networking talks reflects on festive times in January

“Lets see there’s January 5th “Twelvth Night. Next Day Ephiphany, Sunday Orthodox Christmas and Monday Elvis Presley’s Birtday Offhand I think he would of been in his eighties. Its so much fun commenaring holidays. Of course I don’t actually celebrate Twelvth Night, Epiphany, Orthodox Christmas but I do kind of observe them by either going to restaurants with Seymour, my dearĀ  husband. OrĀ  I make meals that go with the special day. For example for Twelth Night I made myself in the Crock pot a “Twelth Night Cake” It was from a recipe on the net. It consisted of unbleached flour, egf substitute, almond milk for extra moistness, dried fruit and chopped almonds. My sweetener was Stevia with a touch of raw honey It was basically a fruit and nut cake. I know a lot of people don’t like fruit cake . But I loved my Twelth Night cake It was so sweet and
yumny. I love holidays because you can make such delicious recipes

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