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Lady Lynda and Seymour's Grand Soire
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Moments before the start of the Soiree at the Grand Central ballroom , Lady Lynda ,Seymor find themselves imagining her well heeled clients grandly entering the ballroom.
There are bottles of high end French champane at each place setting. except for nonimbibers.—It looks as if the long tables go on forever Each setting includes fine silverware , cloth napkins lovely china and esquisite cut glass glasses.
“I can barely believe this is happening. That people want to part of my soiree. I must be doing something right. Yet I realize I couldn’t of done this without you Seymour Darling.”
“Lady Lynda Sweetums the truth is we worked on this event together and now we can stand tall knowing that our dream came true Here’s to our intimate soiree for your most close one hundred clients. Congratuations my sweettums.”
The men and woman came in and sat down in their assigned seats. There was enough elbow room for everyone to be comfortable. The crowd in their finest finery looked the epitomy of the leisurely class
Lady Lynda and Seymour gushed with pride on how their soiree was going so far. They waved at the waitpeople as they served the three choices of entrees. One was a Snapper dish with garlic, sesame seeds with new potatos. The second was a hearty lasagna topped with shaved parmasan cheese and the last dish was a vegan hot chili on the side for taste and various fresh greens.The main courses were preceded by appetizers consisting of various hard cheeses and apples or a black olive tapanade or a dried harvest fruit mix. Each guest could choose either a fine California red wine. The other picks were either a diet spritzer or low calorie cranberry joice
.The appetizers were now being served. The waitpeople serve each of the choices in an efficent yet elegant fashion. The guest look delighted at what is in front of them. Lady Lynda and Seymour breath a sigh of happy relief everything is going so smoothly.
“It looks to me this is such a fine affair. Its going over with such esquisite perfection. We did it such fine finesse I can’t think of anything going wrong” commented Mrs Seymour Toze. “I couldn’t agree with you more my Lady Lynda” remarked Mr. Toze.
Meanwhile the invitees enjoy immensely the food served to them. They are delightly satsfied and now eagerly look forward to the second course. They know from the first course the second one and the last one ie desert will be most satisfying to them. It would never occur to them to be anything except exceptional.
As the guests enjoy their meal Lady Lynda and Seymour smile warmly at each other and enjoy the glow of knowing the event turned out so well. If fact they believe its going swimmingly well It seems as if its impossible to experience any glitches in the process.
“Oh Seymour we really did it this time” gleamed Lady Lynda. Seymour Toze readily replied “Yes we did indeedy” I can’t imagine anything going wrong at this point. Just then a few minutes past the guesspeakers bonmots the host hear screams from the dining hall They immediately rush over. They notice to their dismay that one of the women fainted. Than a man and next a second woman. Lady Lynda gasps in complete dismay Seymour rushes over to her to comfort her. He sees that her face is a dark red from the major upset she is experienced. He immediately notices her heart is pumping rapidly as if it was going to at any minute she would keel over. “Oh no not three victims. Especially my lovey dovey. This is more than I can bear. Lady Lynda we must find who did it. We must find the cook we hired asap. How could we hired a cooking staf who could do such a dastardly deed?
Lady Lynda somewhat recovered replies “Yes before they blame this catastrophe on us.” Time is of the essence they both swiftly concluded. Wih that thought the twosome are determined to find the culprit. Justice must be serve
Seymour suddenly asked his spouse. “We could be acting like dummies here. We’re jumpinf to conclusions. Maybe this isn’t foul play. It could be something much more innocent. I do know we must find out before the guests blame us”
“Oh no this is so dreadful. No matter how it happened. We need to do detective work before the real detectives come and we’re in deep taurean defectation.
Seymour’s wife shuddered as heard her husband’s dire warning. Detectives, Heavens that would be a major scandal. It seemed so unfaiir when she thought how the two of them planned this gala event so meticulously and now this happens. “The best laid plans of mice and men” she groaned.
Seymour Toze seeing how distressed Lady Lynda is, goes over to her and gently yet firmly hugged her. “My dear sweet woman we will get to the bottom of this and we will be vindacated. I swear. We need to find out why this happened.”
“I certainly hope so” replied in a crisp tone. Now we need to think about where to begin. ”
“I second that sentiment” remarked Mr. Toze. We need to think this through from the beginnning. Lets go through the guestlist. What did you notice my dear?

She scratched her head. Where to begin she thought. Was it the cook? Did he or she inadverdently put in too much of a spice? Or was it intentional? she shuddered. What if they weren’t vetted enough?
Suddenly the couple and the staff and guest hear police and ambuiance sirens. The sound they soon discover are coming toward the hall. Lady Lynda and Seymour freeze in their tracks trying to figure out how to handle the tense situation. They nervously search each other for answers. Each of them tense with worry. How can they explain what happened?
The officers make a direct line to the couple and immdiately question them. Seymour asks that their Miranda rights be read. The police officers obligue. They then grill the two on what exactly happened.
The woman paused to get her thoughts together Then she said I noticed that the three who fainted ordered the fish dish Was it the fish or what topped the fish. We must find out before we land in jail on attempted murder. We need to see if there were any allergies.
Lady Lynda screams it was topped with sesame seeds The cops sneers at her. He tells her so what? Mr Toze pipes in. He urges the policemen to at least c onsider sesame allergies. The officers reply the two are charged with attempted murder. Its off to the pokey for them. The couple is cuffed and led away They yell check out what the victims ate. Please!!!
The twosome gasp when the officers says okay.
With that the policemen peruse the menu. They discover each victim ate the fish. They tell Lady Lynda and Seymour they are exonerated.

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