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Seymour Toze and Lady Lynda peruse the internet travel sites for the cheapest deal for their vacation motel.  They search several money saving web sites for motels   They carefully scrutinize several choices and decide on the Showbiz hotel in Atlantic City.    They like  that the place includes an olympic  sized  pool on the highest floor, the 20th floor.   The couple are pleased the perks were  air conditioning,   short walk to the shore,   private balcony,  a mini refrigerator,   a safe for their valuables,  maid service ,   a wide screen television,  a view of the ocean, rooms for non smokers and especially queen size bed   The twosome hugged each with glee when they discovered everything  including breakfast was for less then seventy dollars.

“Oh wow it sounds lovely.  So glad there’s air conditioning.  It can get quite humid in the summertime in that shore town.  A cozy beach.  What do they mean?  inquired Lady Lynda quite intrigued.  Seymour replied I don’t now but I’d sure like to find out.  I suppose we can ask  about that when we dial the motel.  That’s easy enough to find  out  I know we’ll both treasure our visit to the private balcony.

Lady Lynda and her mate enter the lobby of the Showbiz hotel for the staff to check their bags.   They are exhausted and ready for a good night sleep on the firm mattresses on their queen sized bed.  They both hug each and plop into bed.  They embrace each other with utter joy feeling crazy in love.     They are fully dressed … far.    ” We really were lucky finding such a terrific bargain”  exclaimed Seymour.   “Yes that’s one good thing about the reopening of the US from the lockdown.   I  believe with my heart the states should do their utmost to do it safely.   Including here.  But oh do I love this fabulous bargain.   Ordinarily this motel would cost close to one hundred dollars and we get it for sixty nine dollars.  I’m so glad we chose AC.  Now when we wake up tomorrow we’ll be eating the breakfasts I put in the fridge.   Plus the sugar free sweet tea.  Then its heading on out to the “Ripley’s Believe it or not” Museum.    Next we’ll tour “Lucy the Elephant hotel”  enthused Toze.. Oh that would so entertaining Seymour commented.  Oh I’m looking forward to tomorow.

The next day the twosome explores what adventures they’ll experience on the famous boardwalk.


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