“Lady Lynda’s Off Color Project.”

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Seymour Toze gazed lovingly at his wife who was rumpling some papers at her old fashion wooden desk several yards from him. .   They were both in Lady Lynda’s atelier.  The room was lit by the sunny sunlight coming  in their  the picture  window .  The furniture was on the elegant side yet comfortable.  Lady Lynda did not notice her mate since her head was down  staring at her notes.   Her husband noticed how her face was scrunched up like a little kid sucking on a sour ball.  He presumed his lovey dovey was  concentrating  on her project.

Toze  casually sauntered toward  his wife.  “Lady Lynda how’s is it going with your pet project  “Advocacy for Off Colored “Boston Terriers?”  His wife briefly looked up from her notes.  She replied  “Its going pretty well.”  Seymour nodded his head in a yes sign as he heard his wife’s response.   He then smiled triumphantly.   He  jutted out his left arm with his thumb prominently in an up victory position.  He then smiled.  As he did so his hazel eyes sparkled with a sparkle that bought out the sparkling gold speckles in his eyes.   Lady Lynda seeing how his eyes sparkled made her eyes shine like a scattering of deep blue sapphire upon a white sheet of paper.

Suddenly Mrs Toze’s corners of her lips turned slightly down.   Seymour wondered why the sudden change.  “What’s the matter” she asked concerned.   His wife responded with “I’m worried I might not save save every one of the poor off colored pooches. ”    “You do what you can,  Can I help you.”   Lady Lynda beamed with delight.  “Oh that would s darling of you Seymour.”

Seymour smiled a warm smile.  His eyes sparkled as his grin widened.    His wife  immediately noticed how joyful he was in knowing he could help his mate.   Lady Lynda glowed with a glow that instantly transformed her formerly pale skin color into a hue that reflected her feelings of true happiness.   “Yes you can Seymour  my love.”   You can listen to me explain the importance of my off color Boston terrier campaign.

Unfortunately there are merely two color combinations that are part of the standard for these delightful dogs..  Black and white and sable and white.  Every other color and color combination is officially considered unacceptable.  Oh those  poor  canines condemned for something that is beyond them    Its my crusade to help those poor  pooches so that they too can be just as desired as their luckier fellow Boston terriers.  I  wonder how those breeders can be so heartless with poor puppies who can’t help what color or colors they were born with,  the woman sighed.   Seymour walked over and gently put his arms around  her somewhat plump middle.  His wife frowned as she thought of the pounds she needed to lose.  Her mate smiled, telling her the extra fat made her that much more huggable.  Lady Lynda eyes brightened as she hugged her husband back.

“Enough with the lovey dovey let me get back to work.  I’m on a mission to save these souls who are treated so unfairly through no fault to their own.  I am on a mission, she proudly announced.

“You certainly are dear, my dear dedicated caring Lady Lynda.

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