Brett Brown being hired as player development coach.

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My reasons for Brett Brown to be hired as a player development coach or a player development supervisor.

The one unargueable fact is Brett Brown was let go of his head coaching duties for the Sixers August/24/20.   No matter how one looks at the reason, circumstance, factors in his firing the fact is there was no momentum to coach for  the Philadelphia 76ers.   Personally as I see it it at least part of the problem as poor player pics.  I am not insinuating Brett Brown is blameless.   However a cook is only as good as his/her ingredients. If he was an assistant coach he would not  need to deal with problematic players.

However the fact is when he was the player development coach for the San Antonio Spurs He was personally hired by head coach Greg Popovich.   When Brown was in the coaching team that team won four championships.  Spurs head coach Greg (Pop) Popovich deserves equal credit too.  It was Popovich who took a chance on Brett Brown.  Popovich  is still the Spurs head coach.  He believes him and Brown worked well together.  Greg Popovich on Brett Brown. “He is the most incredible positive sort of force.  I know he loves the game of basketball.  He is even tempered  He loves the process. Lastly there is a history of loving to develop players.”  I think, based on track  record for the San Antonio Spurs and his  experience  in developing various  Sixers team players he would be an excellent choice for  the following positions.  Player development coach,  an assistant coach that mainly develops players or a supervisor of coach or coaches that help develop   basketball players in what ever team would hir

Brett Brown and San Antonio Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich enjoy a long  professional and friendly history. Before Brown became head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, Popovich gave him an assistant coach position. Through this, Brown learned how to properly develop basletball player talent.  So much Brown was eventually elevated to to be a top assistant   coach.    He was at the top of the assisting team when he left to be head coach of the Philadelphia Sixers.

Pete sawanNBA wrote 2017 the following:  “During his time in San Antonio, Brett Brown had to essentially oversee the talent on the roster. He primarily worked on making sure some of the fringe players on the team could come in a compete when necessary. This role helped Brown understand the value in all players, not just the stars.” Brett Brown didn’t  play favorites.”  Every team member he believed is equally important.  Judging from what Sawan wrote Brown will treat each player on an equal basis     Brown knows how to develop players. It may not seem like it based on record, but he knows how to get the most out of his guys. Brown has a history of getting below-average players to thrive. Hopefully, he can help the Philadelphia 76ers make that jump. Pete SawanNBA Fansided Sixers.  “Unfortunately Sixers making the jump from contenders to champions didn’t materialize.   One rcause  was  so many players were traded”.  “The 2019-2020  team was far from the  identical team as the previous  2018-2019 season”.   “One reason was this was  the fact that general manager  Elton Brand traded many of the shooters”.  To me this was an irresponsible move since the very essence of scoring is shooting the ball into the basket.   True defense of course is important  and preventing turnovers.  At the end of the day its baskets that win the game.  If Brown was a  player development coach  for any NBA team  he would only be concerned with the players he would be developing.

Adam Herman wrote for NBC news  8/24/20″ I’d be surprised if Brown isn’t an assistan coach t in the league next year.”.   My thoughts.  Sixers were Brown’s first and only time as a head coach.   I’m not certain if being an assistant   coach for any NBA team including the Spurs was enough preparation.  That said perhaps being an assistant coach or player development coach this time would give him more experience in preparing for a second head coach position for him.

“Air Alamo”’s Dylan Carter  wrote an editorial on  that the former Sixers coach should come back to the S.A. Spurs as a player development coach. Or he should come back \supervising relevant coaches.   In that way he could supervise the PDT including go getter Becky Hammon.  Carter  wrote his report in late August 2020.  His other suggestion was Brett Brown being hired as an assistant coach.

While he was head coach of the Sixers Brown continued with his player development skills.  For example he helped develop the following team members: Robert Covington,   Robert Covington aka Roco started as a small forward back in 2017. His playing was dramatically transformed through Brett Brown’s coaching.   The former head coach guided the 6’7″ wing into being c capable of getting 12.6 points per  game.  This was during Covington’s four years time with the Sixers.  Plus shooting 35.9 % from the floor.  Brett maximized Roco and the result is a truly skilled NBA player.TJ. McConnell. He could effectively manage an offense.  He could efficient mid range shooter and good defense skills.  Brett Brown helped  to hone those skills for McConnell.   He sharpened TJ’s  limited skills to the benefit of the Sixers team.Michael Carter Williams says Brown significantly helped him develop as a player.rd Michael Carter-Williams won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award in 2014, and credited Brown for helping him win the award and grow as a player.[17]

I can only discuss these two teams since they are the only NBA teams he was involved with.  It is true he was a coach for X years for the Australian “Boomers” basketball team.

Reasons for Brett Brown not to be hired as a player development coach.”

One can discuss how much of the Sixers not getting into the finals during Brett’s tenure was due to his coaching or because of the roster. Or for that matter front office issues.   Off hand I’d say it’s most likely a combination.  I do know if he were the player development coach he wouldn’t need to deal with the front office decisions in terms of him being a head coach.

  1. It would be a demotion.  Okay this  is true.  However he wouldn’t need to be concerned about front office decisions of trading shooters.  He wouldn’t be affected by the decisions of the management, especially any general manager.  He would only be dealing with developing the basketball skills of new players.   This is a talent that’s proven to show in two professional NBA teams.  His track record in developing NBA players prove that he can and has develop talent in the past.  If given the opportunity it looks  like he will prove he can develop NBA players in the future.  His past is in this regard is  prologue to the future

2 There would be a cut in salary.   To me this is the least of the reasons. As the Sixers head coach his salary was two million yearly  When he was removed as head coach of the Philadelphia PA Sixers, the front office in order to break his contract needed to pay him ten million dollars.  It looks to me he doesn’t need to worry about money.

To reiterate Brett Brown is an experienced and proven developer of budding NBA players.   It would be much less pressure than being a head coach.  He wouldn’t need to deal with  the hassles of a front office.

Certainly the most cogent factor is the following.  Is there a player development coach position or related supervisory position.   If there is one would he be willing to take it .  I completely realize its his decision   The ball is in his court.

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