Lady Lynda Continues her crusade.

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Lady  Lynda wondered where the time went.  She noticed the sky outside was a deepest sapphire blue.  Seymour’s wife  scrutinized the notes neatly laid on her desk   The woman gasped as she saw it was after midnight.   She looked around her study to find any clues to where the time slipped by.     How could she be so obsessed with her cause that she completely lost track of the time? she pondered.  The air conditioning sound drowned out outside noise  Yet despite the time slipping by  Seymour’s wife  was convinced her crusade was crucial.   Off colored Boston terriers were  poor souls  who needed her protection.

Seymour wiped a tear from his left eye as he stood quietly at the door of the atelier where  his dear wife huddled over her desk.   She reminded  him of a hunched Scrooge  gazing at his precious gold.  Seymour  Ebeneezer with his wealth and Lady Lynda with her dedication to off colored Boston Terriers.

Seymour let his spouse be for the moment.  With her head buried in her papers his wife seemed impervious to communicating. .   If only there was  a way to reach her he fretted  To show her she was too wrapped up in her pet project.  That there was more to life then her task.. Yes it was a good cause but she didn’t need to work on it constantly.  What about her wifely duties her husband grumbled.

Lady Lynda looked up as to the high domed ceiling with its rococo design to see about getting some inspiration. . For that one last  project.   As she did so she exhaled deeply.   The woman then felt a quick respite of relief   That was enough for her to feel refreshed.   She would be energized for more crusading

Then thinking about how to  rectify the situation,  Seymour gently reminded his spouse there was much more to life then any campaign.  “I miss  you Lady Lynda.   Let’s take a break from your campaigning.  I’m not saying or implying its not important but so is our marriage , our relationship.  Besides taking a break can refresh your mind   I know that taking a break.  Enjoying each other’s company can sure refresh mine.

Lady Lynda looked up at her husband.  She sweetly smiled and replied  “You’re right Seymour.  I need a break. ”  But I’m so wound up right now I feel like I’m a swirling dervish.   I remember when I was little.   I was terrified looking at them slowly turning eerily slowly as if self hypnotized.  I’ m feeling so dizzying remembering what I saw on the TV .   Please hold me Seymour.    “I’ll be glad to.   Let me embrace you and lead you to the bedroom.

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