Lady Lynda’s Memories of her then etiquette partner Auntie Carol and her perspective of the Charm school graduation.

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Lady Lynda screwed up her face in disgust as she remembered the dreadful example her former etiquette partner Auntie Carol gave  to their newly graduated reformed charm
school ladies. A little tipsy I don't believe is the right phrase. How
'bout practically roaring down drunk? Conversely I remember a few years
ago a so called woman friend invited me to a place of entertainment.
Well it turned out to be a show of scantily clad male entertainers. I
recall drinking nothing but Mimosas. I drank my share.  I lost count with my tenth drink.  Even so I was
still standing and even dancing a bit. Not well but still dancing.
Especially when everybody with the exception of us, were underage. They
should be complete teatotolers. Shame on you. I did like the way the
room was festooned with such colorful crepe, Emerald balloons. I wonder was green
subconsously chosen because we are leaving the girls for greener
pastures? Namely Mr. Pequots Reform School for Dastardly Bastards.
Whatever? Pretty in pink I say. Those tulip dresses for the young
ladies waiting for their two lips to be kissed by handsome beaus. I just
love the colorful makeup. It was a fest fit for a Bachanalia.
Whoever their pardners may be.   If you'll pardon my expression. lol. The perfumes were an
olfactory delight. Such sophistication in scents. The sweet smell of
success was in the air. A little tongue and cheek humor. Oh Auntie
Carol, you are so cheeky.

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