Lady Lynda Recalls How She Found Her Niche.

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.Lady Lynda forlornly thought of how she missed lecturing the young women of the charm school for wayward girls. She felt melancholy thinking her words of wisdom would never be heard by those dear young men of Mr. Pequots Reform School for Dastardly Bastards. She sighed as she pondered how her male charges would consistently be actual bastards. However they were dastardly no more. Conversely, the girls were now refined young women. Both grads were ready to take their place in polite society. It was a dim chance that the female students would ignorantly blather away at vulgar nonsense. Lady Lynda felt a warm feeling in the cockles of her heart. Her mood was decidedly blithe as she reflected on how her woman friend and herself dramatically changed such unfortunate wretch’s lives so significantly for the better.
Auntie Carol‘s faithful colleague now felt a sense of emptine Yes the student of both schools could get a bit unruly she admitted. She recalled bemused the time whe the girls guffawed at her quaint manners…Manners such as saying please and thank you or may I. The woman reluctantly remembered how it was a huge challenge to gain their respect. It was like convincing a Conservative to vote for a Liberal candidate. In a way she couldn’t blame them as she tried to see how she and Auntie Carol were initially perceived as two dowdy middle aged women. Who if the girl‘s vocabulary was sophisticated enough would be viewed as dowagers. Lynda’s perspective, she was a sophisticated lady.
Now she wondered how she’d fill the void in her life. There was her husband Seymour. He was busy with his day job as a shoe salesman and pedicurist at the “Into Leather” shoe store. The woman reflecting on her time with her students came to the conclusion lecturing was her forte.
It was what she did best. Her time giving talks to the students of both of the schools proved that. She fondly recalled eventually how they listened intensely to whatever she told them .
No more would they, especially the boys be baneful threats to society. They would know their place and instead of looking bedraggled they would be the epitomy of ladylike and gentlemanly deportment. They would be belligerent no more. In place of belligerence , there would be respect for societal mores.

Looking back Lady Lynda thought, bemused that if she can make these swaggering braggarts become civilized than she could do for almost everybody. She found her niche. Her mission would be to lecture on the importance of proper manners.

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