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Lady Lynda and Seymour's Grand Soire
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Moments before the start of the Soiree at the Grand Central ballroom , Lady Lynda ,Seymor find themselves imagining her well heeled clients grandly entering the ballroom.
There are bottles of high end French champane at each place setting. except for nonimbibers.—It looks as if the long tables go on forever Each setting includes fine silverware , cloth napkins lovely china and esquisite cut glass glasses.
“I can barely believe this is happening. That people want to part of my soiree. I must be doing something right. Yet I realize I couldn’t of done this without you Seymour Darling.”
“Lady Lynda Sweetums the truth is we worked on this event together and now we can stand tall knowing that our dream came true Here’s to our intimate soiree for your most close one hundred clients. Congratuations my sweettums.”
The men and woman came in and sat down in their assigned seats. There was enough elbow room for everyone to be comfortable. The crowd in their finest finery looked the epitomy of the leisurely class
Lady Lynda and Seymour gushed with pride on how their soiree was going so far. They waved at the waitpeople as they served the three choices of entrees. One was a Snapper dish with garlic, sesame seeds with new potatos. The second was a hearty lasagna topped with shaved parmasan cheese and the last dish was a vegan hot chili on the side for taste and various fresh greens.The main courses were preceded by appetizers consisting of various hard cheeses and apples or a black olive tapanade or a dried harvest fruit mix. Each guest could choose either a fine California red wine. The other picks were either a diet spritzer or low calorie cranberry joice
.The appetizers were now being served. The waitpeople serve each of the choices in an efficent yet elegant fashion. The guest look delighted at what is in front of them. Lady Lynda and Seymour breath a sigh of happy relief everything is going so smoothly.
“It looks to me this is such a fine affair. Its going over with such esquisite perfection. We did it such fine finesse I can’t think of anything going wrong” commented Mrs Seymour Toze. “I couldn’t agree with you more my Lady Lynda” remarked Mr. Toze.
Meanwhile the invitees enjoy immensely the food served to them. They are delightly satsfied and now eagerly look forward to the second course. They know from the first course the second one and the last one ie desert will be most satisfying to them. It would never occur to them to be anything except exceptional.
As the guests enjoy their meal Lady Lynda and Seymour smile warmly at each other and enjoy the glow of knowing the event turned out so well. If fact they believe its going swimmingly well It seems as if its impossible to experience any glitches in the process.
“Oh Seymour we really did it this time” gleamed Lady Lynda. Seymour Toze readily replied “Yes we did indeedy” I can’t imagine anything going wrong at this point. Just then a few minutes past the guesspeakers bonmots the host hear screams from the dining hall They immediately rush over. They notice to their dismay that one of the women fainted. Than a man and next a second woman. Lady Lynda gasps in complete dismay Seymour rushes over to her to comfort her. He sees that her face is a dark red from the major upset she is experienced. He immediately notices her heart is pumping rapidly as if it was going to at any minute she would keel over. “Oh no not three victims. Especially my lovey dovey. This is more than I can bear. Lady Lynda we must find who did it. We must find the cook we hired asap. How could we hired a cooking staf who could do such a dastardly deed?
Lady Lynda somewhat recovered replies “Yes before they blame this catastrophe on us.” Time is of the essence they both swiftly concluded. Wih that thought the twosome are determined to find the culprit. Justice must be serve
Seymour suddenly asked his spouse. “We could be acting like dummies here. We’re jumpinf to conclusions. Maybe this isn’t foul play. It could be something much more innocent. I do know we must find out before the guests blame us”
“Oh no this is so dreadful. No matter how it happened. We need to do detective work before the real detectives come and we’re in deep taurean defectation.
Seymour’s wife shuddered as heard her husband’s dire warning. Detectives, Heavens that would be a major scandal. It seemed so unfaiir when she thought how the two of them planned this gala event so meticulously and now this happens. “The best laid plans of mice and men” she groaned.
Seymour Toze seeing how distressed Lady Lynda is, goes over to her and gently yet firmly hugged her. “My dear sweet woman we will get to the bottom of this and we will be vindacated. I swear. We need to find out why this happened.”
“I certainly hope so” replied in a crisp tone. Now we need to think about where to begin. ”
“I second that sentiment” remarked Mr. Toze. We need to think this through from the beginnning. Lets go through the guestlist. What did you notice my dear?

She scratched her head. Where to begin she thought. Was it the cook? Did he or she inadverdently put in too much of a spice? Or was it intentional? she shuddered. What if they weren’t vetted enough?
Suddenly the couple and the staff and guest hear police and ambuiance sirens. The sound they soon discover are coming toward the hall. Lady Lynda and Seymour freeze in their tracks trying to figure out how to handle the tense situation. They nervously search each other for answers. Each of them tense with worry. How can they explain what happened?
The officers make a direct line to the couple and immdiately question them. Seymour asks that their Miranda rights be read. The police officers obligue. They then grill the two on what exactly happened.
The woman paused to get her thoughts together Then she said I noticed that the three who fainted ordered the fish dish Was it the fish or what topped the fish. We must find out before we land in jail on attempted murder. We need to see if there were any allergies.
Lady Lynda screams it was topped with sesame seeds The cops sneers at her. He tells her so what? Mr Toze pipes in. He urges the policemen to at least c onsider sesame allergies. The officers reply the two are charged with attempted murder. Its off to the pokey for them. The couple is cuffed and led away They yell check out what the victims ate. Please!!!
The twosome gasp when the officers says okay.
With that the policemen peruse the menu. They discover each victim ate the fish. They tell Lady Lynda and Seymour they are exonerated.

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Lady Lynda’s web site complaints

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Lady Lynda stands up on stage.  The woman quickly surveys her clients in the lecture hall.   She observes their demeanor, their body language and their eagerness to hear her talk this evening.

Encouraged by their eager enthusiasm Mrs Toze starts her topic on her personal complaints concerning biz web sites with the basics.   “Its a given that nobody likes scams, spams ,  questionable taste web sites and especially child porn.

Mrs Seymour Toze then tells the mostly middle aged men and middle aged woman she would talk about other complaints.

Ist complaint.  Time sensitive sales pitches.

I can not tolerate time sensitive sales pitches and neither should you.   Any time you’re dealing with someone trying to sell any kind of offer you should never be forced to given a deadline to decide.   Its your money you should be able to consider exactly how you want to spend your hard earned cash. I get really suspicious every time I see a business time sensitive offer on the net. What’s the hurry? Why is who is ever behind the pitch rushing me. Are they so worried that if I spend even five minutes they’ll lose me as a customer. Well I say if you’re so frightened of that happening I truly wonder what are you hiding?

Second complaint. Ads that go on and on and on like an indeterminable diatribe. You know what I mean. The ones where you need to scroll down like it seems forever. I hear you. I can tell by your comments, claps you totally identify with me. Okay I can the seller wants to tell of what he or she considers benefits, reasons why to buy but geesh guys enough is enough already.

2nd. No contact support or poor contact support Who is running the site. If you can’t find out run as fast as you can from the web site. A legit site would readily give information on what person or persons is behind it. Run like the dickens and don’t ever go back to that webpage ever. A potential buyer should know who they are dealing with. That is an uncertain rule that I and most if not all decent folks believe in.

3rd. Biz ops that go on an indeterminable length. I’m sure you’ve seen webads that go on and on and on indeterminably. I understand they want to tell you as much as they can of how terrific their product or service is Its just its so darn long. Then if you’re patient enough they tell you the price. I don’t know about you but I get too impatient to constantly scroll down my scrolling bar for theAW XlliqwAFA who constantly test our patience. Well I hope I didn’t test your patience and you learned how not to write a business website.

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Whois is an important tool for finding basic information on practically every web site on the internet.
Here are some facts you can find with this handy tool First you can discover the domain name. A domain name is the server a site is on. You can see registry the webpage is on. You can notice if its an org a gov, a mil ,edu TV, a com and other registries. A registry tells you what type of site is in. What owns the site. The most common registry is com. This means its a commercial . site. In other words its commercial , a business, for profit site. Org stands for organization. This is usually a non profit site that are mostly charities and causes. Mil is an abreviation for military Gov stands for government. tv means its a television site. Many nations include their own registries. US for the United States, uk for Europe, ro for romania, fr for france etc.
Referral url refers to the url referring to the domain name.

Whois Server:

Referral URL:

Name Server: NS1HWY.NAME.COM

Name Server: NS2CQS.NAME.COM

Name Server: NS3GXY.NAME.COM

Name Server: NS4SXY.NAME.COM

Status: clientTransferProhibited

Updated Date: 16-jun-2015

Creation Date: 31-oct-2014

Expiration Date: 31-oct-2015

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Lady Lynda Holds a Soire for her Closest Fans

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The SAoire: The long rectangle table with festooned with tranlucent crystal vases filled with colorful bouquets. The mostly middle aged men and women were dressed to the nines. The place was quite fancy with the fine cutlery, dangling chandeliers and quality linen table cloth. The guest small talked with each other impatiently waiting for their host Lady Lynda Mae Hoffenfetter Toze. Then once the speech was over it was cocktails and dancing in the grand ballroom. In the meantime the etiquette expert smiled graciously as she happily approved of the loud clapping of her guests. Her girlish yet distinguished voice with its melliflous tones told the crowd “I’ve come to wish you my best. To leave you with some bonmots for your listening pleasure.”After all shouldn’t life be with some pleasures as well as responsibilities. Tonight with a dab of seriousness too I present my talk.

Lady Lynda felt disturbed when she noticed a slight rumbling in the crowd. What was wrong she nervously wondered. Did one of the guests rebuke her before she even got started? the woman quite disturbed, wondered. That suave, self confident male voice that she remembered being so tempting to her ears. He sounds so familiar It was her old flame Nick Frenezi.She could see he relished his revenge. It was clear he gatecrashed but how questioned Mr Toze’s wife. The woman flushed with worry shuddered when she heard his words ” That’s for you to find out dear.” He then flicked his index finger and thumb as if flicking dirt off his fingers. You must recall how you felt about me not that long ago. It’s You must recollect what I meant to you. A touch of our lips as they met as we drank that Chiani Classico together. We could never tell what one moment could lead to. Yes you knew Lady Lynda. murmured. How did you hear about my talk?” Her gesture was now addressed to the stupendous scene of the clamering of the confused crowd. Nick guffawed at the confusion his presence caused. Stunned at what was happening Lady Lynda stared in silence, trying up to come up with a comupepence to her former flame. She gazed at the ceiling as if for inspiration on how to proceed. The lecture was to be an hour and here fifteen minutes into it went by. If only Seymour was there. He’d show him!!! Mrs Toze firmly concluded But the only view she could see was Nick’s lingering deep russet brown eyes on her. It felt to Lady Lynda that time stood still The room was so quiet one could hear the faintest whisper. Still his gaze lingered. His stare was so intense her thoughts felt as they were scrambling. “What do you want from me Nick.” “I want you to tell me you miss me” “I’ll never miss you. I am a one man woman and that man is my honeybunny “Seymour Toze” The crowed clapped loudly and cheered, except for Nick Frenizi.

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Some important parts of most non-personal web sites.

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One of the most pertinent parts of a web site is the about page. Why is the about page so crucial in looking up information on a website? The Whois and the about page are the most relevant components of any web site. These are the reasons It tells the reader what the site is about. What person or people who are behind the web site. It can let the viewer know what it uses for its sources and its resources This to yours truly is extremely important in a business site. I strongly recommend in a business oportunity who is behind the site. You should look up him or her to see if there is any information of any scam repots. Plus the about page tells you what the site emphasi and their reasons. One part of some about page is the site’s mission statement This tells you what the website believes and what their policies are.

A part of most sites, especially commercial ones is the privacy policy. this tells you, the visitor how information about the reader is collected. It tells too what their cookie policy is too. A cookie stores info about you. This is esepcially relevant in a commercial site. A cookie lets advertisers know your likes and dislikes so that they can gear ads toward your tastes. The FAQs tells anyone who wants more information on the site the basic questions and answers. FAQ is short for frequently asked questions. The terms of service part or post lets you know what is permitted and what is not. Many times terms of services is shortened to TOS. It lets you know what type of sites that are acceptable.

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Lady Lynda decides on what direction her talks will take.

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Lady Lynda in her flowing just below the knee dress of various deep blues and purples, took about five minutes to peruse her audience so she could gage how best to engage them.
She noticed mostly sober looking expressions as if to say okay convince me why I should listen to you? Lady Lynda professional that she was convinced herself of instead of giving up to rise to the challenge before her.

The prim woman herself on her two inch pumps. With her barel five feet height even a mere two inches made her feel wobbly. She then took a deep breath to steady her nerves. Once more pursing the crowd she began to talk.
“Here’s how to broaden your horizons without spending exorbitant money. Moreover if you’re pressed for how long you can travel. I’ll start with these suggestions. Go to ethnic festivals Dine at foreign cuisine restaurants that are true to their culutre. Tour museums of different ethnic groups.
Why should you do these things. Well the answer is you will broaden your horizons and therefore you communicate with more different types of people. And that includes business people.”
Traveling is an effective way to broadem your understanding of different cultures. Of course one can read a tourist guide. Or one can go to a local ethnic festival or museum. However when you go the country you get to see other people in their native settings. So if going to Canada or Mexico or overseas you can see different states. Each state in the US includes something distinctive to them. From Alabama to Wyoming there are events that are exclusive to them
If you fly often enough you can benefit from frequent flyer miles. How much depends on the airline. You can utilize different travel savings sites. Two I recommend areTtripadvisor and Trivago.
I would look for package deals. You don’t need to stay in a luxory hotel unless you want to. On the flip side I’m certainly not suggesting you stay in fleabag hotel with bedbugs, mice or worst. There is a lot in between when it comes to the quality of where you stay. I would check out visitor reviews. If there are terrible ratings I would read the writeup to see if the reason is relevant to you.
Well that’s what you need to know. How to travel for quality vs expenses and if you can’t, for whatever reason to explore what’s nearby.

My point if you comfortably afford to travel and there’s the time to enjoy your journey On the other hand if money and time is of the essence there are ways to explore new worlds and some of them are right in your backyard. Two sites I recently discovered to help on your destinations are and Both include state and city attractions.

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Hot Diggity Lady Lynda and Seymour Toze are makin’ it in Jamaica

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LADY Lynda and her lovey wofy Seymour Toze took their first steps in the pristine sand beach of Montego Bay Jamaica. Then they carried their luggage to the three star hotel. Lady Lynda was glad she wore sandals to protect her feet from the hot sand. Seymour gleamed as he watched his wife’s delightfully chubby toes as they trudged toward their temporary destination. It would be such a delight to vacation for a couple days. With nothing to do except enjoy the many wonderful offerings of this part of the Caribbean tourist paradise.

Seymour replied “I couldn’t agree with you more. It will be an enjoyable respite from your networking for newbies talk.” As he said those words he moved in closer to his wife and as he was close enough to her he wrapped his arms around her in a caring, tender matter. Mrs Toze smiled with delight. She immediately reciprocated. “I feel this vacation will being us closer together.”
“I believe so too” replied Seymour. It will be so wonderful swimming together in the hotel olympic size pool. That’s how we met in swmin class in highschool.” “Plus the free breakfast, AC and WIFE. said Lady Lynda plopping gleefully onto the hard firm mattress that laid beneath her.

“Well Seymour” Lady Lynda said with enthusiastically. “Yes my dear Lady Lynda let’s do it. “Seymour do you think its rather lucky of us to find this hotel of at less than one hundred dollars per night? Mrs Tose said emphasizing every word in her sentence. It sounded to her mate that she did her utmost to stress how fortunate they were.

Mr Toze didn’t hesitate to express his happiness in being in such a relaxing place Even better that he was there with his wifykins. Most men would envy me darling. That’s okay. I only knoq I want to be with you. And then he got close to his woman, snuggled up to her, gently kissed her on the cheek and turned the lights out.

The next day the couple woke up refreshed, eager to explore the sites of Montego Bay. The couple eagerly explored Tropical Bliss Beach, Luminous Lagoon-Rose Hall Great House Night, Montego Bay Cultural Center. Lady Lynda and her paramour Seymour Toze loved exploring the many nifty sites of the Montego Section of Jamaica. They felt both truly blessed and blissed on Tropical Bliss Beach. With its light hued sands, refreshing waves and exotic palm trees the two felt stumbled upon paradise on earth. They readily agreed this was their cozy corner in a world that grew crazy all around them. They felt refreshed and eager to get back to their daily lives. Lady Lynda said to Seymour, “On to the talks!!”

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Lady Lynda and Seymour Toze Decides to take a vacation to refresh themselves.

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Its so enjoyable enjoying each other’s company on our cushy comfy love seat perusing the latest “Sandals” catalogue.” commented Seymour.

His soul mate Lady Lynda gushed. “I readily agree. Sandals is a perfect fit for us. You being a salesman at “Into Leather” shoe store.”

“Don’t forget I love you in sandals. They really bring out your delightfully fleshy, meaty toes. Ten times the delicious charm.”

“Well I hope you dig the rest of me” sighed Seymour’s wife

“Of course I do!!!! Here let me caress you darling, slow and sensual.

“You really know how to please me” exclaimed Mrs Toze.

“Lets get on the ball and look through the vacation packages.

“Lets talk about our vacation Seymour. Do you want to go to the beach, explore a new city, the mountains.
Seymour immediately smiled a wicked grin. “Let’s go to “Footloose vacations. Where ever you vacation you’re footloose and fancyfree” Their vacations are fully packaged. I mean everything, everything is included.

“You need a break from your talks so you get a new fresh perspective.” suggested Seymour. Of course your idea delightfully fits toe to toe with me being a shoe salesman I bet that’s why you thought of Sandals in the first place”
“Lets take a vacation in Nassau Parasise Island. Oh that would be paradise ” Lady Lynda squealed with utter jubilance that she felt tingling from her head to her sweet pretty toes.
“Oh my precious paramour you tell me where you want to go and that’s our destination” Lady Lynda exclaimed “You ja make a me so happy. Let’s go to Jamaica.”


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Lady Lynda as a proudly stepped onto the stage smiled warmly at the eager young professional crowd. She felt the excitement pulse throughout her pudgy form. The woman felt her legs feel a tad unsteady as she gushed with the thrill of telling the men and women a most important subject matter. It was a good thing she thoroughly practiced walking in her pumps tonight For this night Mrs Seymour Toze reminded herself she would be talking about a fabulous informative and easily navigated antiscam site

The first line is in order from left to right is first category types of scamshe told the eager crowd. Second category is personal experiences Third column is Media News ie scams in the newsmedia Fourth topic is resources and lastly “Lets Fight Scams” It includes data on charity scams, Nigerian scams, romance scams, scams that target senior citizens, phone scams, IRS, social security scams. Please let me explain the scams involve people pretending to be from these agencies. Dear folks I too was a victim of a social security scam. To cut to the quick I called up the social security office and they set me straight. It was quite frightening when initially I received a call that the police were on my trail. I was so relieved when the agency told me it was a scam. Ahem excuse me for clearing my throat I meant straight as being truthful. I don’t mean to offend any dear sweet gay men and women here.

The name of the site is It includes general information on scams There is data on types of scamps. It includes what looks to me an exhaustive list of scams. It gives helpful advice on how to fight fraud. There is a toll free 24/7 to report or get help from being scammed. It even shows short videos on how to protect yourself from unscrupulous scammers. The site gives the reader the opportunity to check if a business opportunity is real or not. is easy to navigate The print is easy to read.

To me the site is a comprehensive, useful site for anyone who wants to know about, report and protect yourself from scams. It is from Singapure . However it is a site for anyone and everyone on the net who wants to be protected for potential scams.

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