Lady Lynda and her beau Seymour Toze share Fond thoughts on Martin Luther King and Each Other

Lady Lynda enjoyed Martin Luther King,Jr day with her husband. They each smacked their lips and licked their fingers as they enjoyed their Southern style friend chicken sandwichs. At the end of the day Lady Lynda began cpmtemplating the life of the Montgomery ALpastor Martin L. King of the Ebeneezer Baptist Church in1955 She reminesced same year Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat so a white man could sit down. Lady Lynda recalled when she was little she thought the church was named for the character from Charles Dickens novel “The Christmas Carol” She chuckled how her husband joked the story should be called overnight ghost therapy. The woman then shifted back to the civil rights leader MLK.
Seymour Toze wife grimaced in disgust when she remembered in 1955 fourteen year old Emmett Till was lynched by some Klansmen because the teen whistled at a white woman.

Then Lady Lynda mused about MLK organizing the Montgomery AL bus boycot shortly past being elected president of the Montgomery Improvement Association. It was a time when African Americans realized they too could make a difference by their actions.
Lady Lynda gasped as she recalled his house was bombed . She sighed a sigh of relief hiswife and children were saved. How King was charged with conspiracy. How the amazing boycot was for 382 days and how the bus boycot resulted in public transporation resulting in segregating races was not legal. Then the woman bemused how MLKing became 1957 head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
“Seymour Martin Luther King was a great African American wasn’t he? Seymour replied He was not only a great African American. He was a great American. Darling MLK day is a national holiday for all Americans.
Toze solumnly mentioned the 1963″I Have a Dream” Speech and the 8/8/63 Washington DC march The two commented that King and other leaders met with president John F. Kennedy. How the leaders wished for segregation to end in education, African Americans to be better served by the law and more civil rights laws. He then picked up his gin mocktail . Lady Lynda picked up hers and they toasted MLK. Then they hugged each other and kissed.
“Yes he was a noble man. So noble he won the Nobel Peace Prize.” Indeed he was Time magazine’s man of the year. “I’m sure they would say person of the year these days” quipped Mrs Seymour Toze.
“Its a darn shame the first march on Selma AL was met police violence. I’m glad the 2nd march succceeded. ” So am I Sweetybuns, Toze responded. Sadly he was assasinated 1968. Ironically the day before he gave his inspirational speech that mentioned how the LORD allowed him to go to the mountain top. ….I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there.” Ironic”
The couple toasted each other with “King left a great legacy for every American. ”
“Yes Martin Luther King deserves to be celebrated as every civial rights leader does so that all races could be treated equally under the law. At least that’s how its suppose to be. remarked Seymour. “I most certainly get your drift Most certainly” remarked Lady Lynda. They all deserve a day of honor as we dear most certainy deserve to be close to each other”

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