“How Callous of Seymour Toze”

How Callous of Seymour Toze.

Seymour Toze couldn’t help hearing a woman’s strident voice. He struts toward the stockroom of “Into Leather” shoe store. As he turns around to sees who she is. Judging by her booming voice, he pictures her as being fiftyish, full figured to put it tactfully. When hesees her , Seymour discovers he was pretty much right. He figured she would be dressed conservatively. To his surprise her clothes were rather loud and conspicuously youth oriented. She looked as if she raided her teenager’s closet. She wore a wool sweater with colors of royal blue, scarlet, deep purple and other bold hues that would light up even the darkest night. Her jeans were form fitting stretched over her good sized hips. She wore sandals. Her clothing choice made as much , to Seymour, as wearing a gown to a fast food place.

“Never the less, however she is dressed, I wonder if she wants me to be of service to her. Yes we do our best to please the customers here.”

It was close to closing time. There wern’t that many customers there. A few couples and their small children and some women shopping together. It was clear the new woman could get the servicing she needed. She walked down the aisle directly to Seymour.

“Sir I read on the sign outside , you do pedicures here. I’m hoping you can cure me of this really painful callous near the heel of my right foot. Its really killing me. Okay…you know what I mean. Oh its so callous lol.”

Seymour Toze heard her tittering laugh and knew from the sound she was bravely putting on a happy face in the midst of a tad discomfort.

“Yes they are done there and I’m the one to do them. Please sit down in a nearby chair.”

She sat down. The shoe salesman immediately sat down directly in front of her with one knee up, as if he were proposing. The woman gushed as she noticed his gesture. She then groaned as if she were greatly pained.

“What can I do for you” he asked

“Oh this callous is so painful. It really hurts when I walk. Can you get rid of it for me. I’d be so ever grateful.”

“My pleasure ” Toze replies with a joyful smile The customerknew he meant exactly what he meant pleasure.

She removes her right sandal and Seymour Toze instantly saw what she was referring to. There it was splotchy, creamy yellow in color and outright gorgeous. Seymour never recalled seeing such a fine specimen. It would be a delight to work with her. Her callous was glorious. It was the Mona Lisa of callouses. He was so happy he went to work today. This woman’s problem was his pleasure and he was thrilled.

He didn’t want his treatment to end but he was a professional. He performed a massage with tea tee oil, a vigorous rubdown with soothing calendula and finished off with a pumice stone. It did the trick, the woman sighed a deep sigh of relief, smiled joyously and thanked him.

Lady Lynda Dreams of when she first met Seymour.

Lady Lynda and her spouse Seymour Toze enjoy cuddling next to each on their plush orchid hued love seat Lady Lynda reflects on how sensual orchids are Seymour in the meantime about Wanda On of the singers at the “Ponderosa Stomp” He thought of how her first name could be the start of “I wanda be your woman.” Toze sighs and breaths heavily as he gets close to his wifey, He embraces her in a tight squeeze and his mate squeals with delight Lady Lynda in turn reciprocates with appreciative hugs as she wraps her arms around Seymour’s manly chest.

Lady Lynda lets out a sigh as she basks in the total satisfaction of being so physically close to her love rman. She beams as she reminds herself her lover man is now her married to her. She is so happy and feeling so secure she falls asleep in his arms. Toze gently rubs her hair and smiles. It feels so wonderful to know that they are close to each other. The married couple gaze in delight at each other.

“gosh I’m in my high school swimming class Just a moment ago I was cuddling with my sweetiepie Seymour in our love seat. And now I’m sixteen years old wearing my little fishes two piece bathing suit. There’s a little skirt that just skims my upper thigh on the bottom part. I look so saucy in it. I was pretty svelte then Ah such is the wonders of youth. The girls and boys are waiting to go into the Olympic size pool. Its a private prep school on the Mainline , western suburbs of Philadelphia PA. Its summer and we are really, really looking forward to submerging our hot bodies in the cool wet, refreshing water.”

“In the corner of my eye I see a pleasant looking male student. He is looking down to the pavement. His staring looks intense to me. I’m starting to at least wonder what why he is so fascinated by the grounds we are on. I’d like to ask him but he seems so unapproachable. Its like he’s so lost into what he’s seeing. Wish I know how to draw near to him. I notice the other boys are ignoring him That intrigues me. I wonder what his background is. Why he is here at the private school.

He slowly raises his head. Looking straight at me he tells me he thinks my epicanthic folds on the inner corners of my eyes look exotic and my different colored eyes even more so. I gush at him. I bashfully thank him. I tell him sincerely I like his warm smile. His chestnut brown wavy hair goes well with his honey brown eyes. Right then and there I knew we were meant for each other. He I dreamed of meeting a girl like you ever since I spent two years at Mid Eastern PA Prep. It was a special school for kids like me. Like me I mean boys and girls with idiosyncrasies.”

“Lady Lynda you look rested Did you dream anything?” gleefully asks Seymour. “I dreamed when we first laid eyes on each other in that fateful swim class in the prep school.”? “Ah yes that was as pivotal moment for both of us” replied her husband.