Lady Lynda Holds a Soire for her Closest Fans

The SAoire: The long rectangle table with festooned with tranlucent crystal vases filled with colorful bouquets. The mostly middle aged men and women were dressed to the nines. The place was quite fancy with the fine cutlery, dangling chandeliers and quality linen table cloth. The guest small talked with each other impatiently waiting for their host Lady Lynda Mae Hoffenfetter Toze. Then once the speech was over it was cocktails and dancing in the grand ballroom. In the meantime the etiquette expert smiled graciously as she happily approved of the loud clapping of her guests. Her girlish yet distinguished voice with its melliflous tones told the crowd “I’ve come to wish you my best. To leave you with some bonmots for your listening pleasure.”After all shouldn’t life be with some pleasures as well as responsibilities. Tonight with a dab of seriousness too I present my talk.

Lady Lynda felt disturbed when she noticed a slight rumbling in the crowd. What was wrong she nervously wondered. Did one of the guests rebuke her before she even got started? the woman quite disturbed, wondered. That suave, self confident male voice that she remembered being so tempting to her ears. He sounds so familiar It was her old flame Nick Frenezi.She could see he relished his revenge. It was clear he gatecrashed but how questioned Mr Toze’s wife. The woman flushed with worry shuddered when she heard his words ” That’s for you to find out dear.” He then flicked his index finger and thumb as if flicking dirt off his fingers. You must recall how you felt about me not that long ago. It’s You must recollect what I meant to you. A touch of our lips as they met as we drank that Chiani Classico together. We could never tell what one moment could lead to. Yes you knew Lady Lynda. murmured. How did you hear about my talk?” Her gesture was now addressed to the stupendous scene of the clamering of the confused crowd. Nick guffawed at the confusion his presence caused. Stunned at what was happening Lady Lynda stared in silence, trying up to come up with a comupepence to her former flame. She gazed at the ceiling as if for inspiration on how to proceed. The lecture was to be an hour and here fifteen minutes into it went by. If only Seymour was there. He’d show him!!! Mrs Toze firmly concluded But the only view she could see was Nick’s lingering deep russet brown eyes on her. It felt to Lady Lynda that time stood still The room was so quiet one could hear the faintest whisper. Still his gaze lingered. His stare was so intense her thoughts felt as they were scrambling. “What do you want from me Nick.” “I want you to tell me you miss me” “I’ll never miss you. I am a one man woman and that man is my honeybunny “Seymour Toze” The crowed clapped loudly and cheered, except for Nick Frenizi.

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A part of most sites, especially commercial ones is the privacy policy. this tells you, the visitor how information about the reader is collected. It tells too what their cookie policy is too. A cookie stores info about you. This is esepcially relevant in a commercial site. A cookie lets advertisers know your likes and dislikes so that they can gear ads toward your tastes. The FAQs tells anyone who wants more information on the site the basic questions and answers. FAQ is short for frequently asked questions. The terms of service part or post lets you know what is permitted and what is not. Many times terms of services is shortened to TOS. It lets you know what type of sites that are acceptable.