Lady Lynda and Seymour Toze reflect on their disasterious soire


Lady Lynda  then sat down on one of the four  cushioned patio chairs that surrounded  the quaint carnation pink and glass lounging table.  She put the cup of Shirley Temple  to her lips..  Just then Seymour entered from the recroom and joined her.  In his hand was a jug of chocolate milk.  He smiled like a little boy with his ultimate favorite treat. ”  Cheers darling.  What could be sweeter than being here.  You with your delightful Shirley Temple and me with my jug of chocolate milk.   The weather is so pleasant..    Here we are in our veranda with each other..  Its a lovely time of day with the sun gently settling in the west.  And us with our small pleasures.”

“I wish I knew what laid ahead for us. That soiree was a disaster with three people getting so seriously sick.  I with my etiquette talks and you with the “Into Leather Shoe Store and your pedicures ”

“Ah yes I love doing my pedi cures.”  exclaimed Seymour with glee emphasizing cures.  I just got an idea my dearest.  Why not start a tour on safe cooking?

“What??!!! After what we went through!!! exclaimed Lady Lynda.

“That is exactly why”her husband retorted.  That way we can show the folks we learned from our terrible mistakes and how they can prevent such errors too.  I see by that look on  your face, your disgusted look, your scrunched up nose.   I know I’m getting off topic but your button nose is so darn cute to me.”

His wife blushed and meekly thanked him for the compliment.

Before she could say one more word Seymour convinced her that an ounce of prevention was a pound of cure.   Others could learn from their errors what to watch for.  What to do.”

“I’m all in” Lady Lynda excitedly responded.