Networking at home.

Topics, messager,  Zoom, other online remote meeting apps. Messenger is an app you can download from your playstore on your smartphone.  I assume being business executives you own a smart phone and computerw here you can get on the internet.  Plus your ISP  is a cable one.   I mention this because messenger is you can get to Zoom on the internet.   You can reach messenger on your smart phone and the net.

Signing up for Zoom.  Its basic information, of course your name email. You pick a username and password.   There must be one capitol letter,  rest small letters and one number and symbol.   Then once you get that done you’ll receive a confirmation in your email.  Its pretty much the standard stuff .One of the  most popular topics on the net is how to become a member of Zoom.  Zoom is in these days.   In like Flynn but I suppose you young folks don’t get that reference.   Your grandparents sure would.  I’m too much of a lady to want to elaborate. Lets just say use your imagination,

These are two major applications that make it possible to network while staying home.   This is crucially important since you don’t want to be too near other people.    These days its perfectly fine to be antisocially   At least that is physically.   Hopefully if enough people stay inside and social distance when out for necessities this coronavirus thing will be gone with the wind.  Oh I’m giving my age away    Not true I saw it on TV.   But I digress.  At least there are effective ways to network at your domicile where you live.