Boardwalk Wanderlust

‘Wooden boards of the boardwalk.
Lady Lynda and her beau Seymour delight in a splash filled dip in the motel refreshing indoor pool. Next they dry off. Change into their casual walking clothes and head on over to the boards.

They enter their absolutely most favorite sub shop “White Horse Subs. Lets go to the White Horse.” I’m not in the mood to get political” griped Seymour’s paramour . “I said White Horse not whitehouse. snapped Lady Lynda. Its mer hop. sklp and jump. This eatery brings back such fond memories of when your dad use to treat us when we first started dating. I found out decades later its the oldest non chain sub shop in Atlantic City. Started soon after wWSWS ended and its been serving subs or hoagies what you like to call those delicious distinctively shaped sandwiches ever since. His wife hearing shaped blushed when she thought of how she was now not so pleasantly plump. “I suppose sub is short for submarine, referring to the shape of the sandwich.”
Maybe so commented her husband . I know I’m in the shape to try one. They enter the restaurant and are immediately struck by the strong pungent delicious odors of the different salamis. They breath in the smells as if it was life giving oxygen. “Now this is the kind of aromatherapy I like” exclaimed Seymour. “I like the pungency of this place too.” replied Lady Lynda, Seeing these subs bring memories of your dad treating us here rush through my mind like a quite pleasant breeze. That was so charming of your father to treat us for lunch here. “Yes it certainly was Mrs Lady Lynda Toze. I remember that was the first way my dad showed that he believed in our relationship. He’s been going to this place for decades.” “He picked a tasty place” commented Toze’s wife.

The twosome walk up to the counter. Seymour reminded this was the eatery his father would treat them him and Lady Lynda were first dating. His wife smiled warmly as she recalled the many times Mr. Toze would treat his son and her to mouth watering delicious world famous hoagies. The two were brimming with fond memories. The sandwiches were mouth watering delicious.

Next the twosome went to “Walts Salt Water Taffy for a quick snack . They peruse their many choices of flavors. Lady Lynda notices a sign near the front window. She squints her eyes as she tries to read the fine print The woman immediately discovers its the history of the salt water taffy. She reads that its traditionally thought circa 1900 a certain Mr. David Bradley was upset to find his taffy soaked with seawater. He for some forsaken reason sold the candy. Salt Water Taffy was born. The perusing brings back fond memories of going to the shore as teenagers. Inside the salt water taffy store. “Hey look Seymour we are eating an historical snack. “Nothing like putting something in your tummy with that background” quipped Toze. Lets go the cashier and order some salt water taffy. I recall how as a little boy I loved my mom treating me with “Walt’s Salt Water Taffy” She would treat me for being such a good, obedient son.

They saunter on over to where you pick your flavors. When the got there they soon discovered there were so many ones to choose from. They saw that there was a myriad number of fruit, spice, chocolate ones. The dazzling display of plethora of taste overwhelmed them. Other customers rushed over to help the couple who fainted. A few minutes later the Tozes got back on their feet. Mr. Seymour Tozes choice was the spicy chiplotle creme. Mrs Lady Lynda preferred the honey pumpkin spice.

Cheap but fun games with equally inexpensive but entertaining prizes. Fun time for the couple as they try their hand at skee ball to win oversized stuffed teddy bears and other stuffed animals. “This is much smarter than losing money gambling. True one could be a winner but much more likely you’ll lose copious sums of money. Here we can earn cute little stuffed animals. Lady Lynda shrugged as she listened to Seymour explain the wise decision of playing the boardwalk games. “Besides as they say it is the thought that counts. Right Sweetyuggums.” Seymour said to his wife. She smiled wanly at the sentiment.

They walk on until they reach the “Ripley’s Believe it or not museum” The immediately notice the house that was to built as if it were up side down. The two marvel at its clever construction. Then moving forward they enter the museum and immediately gape at the incredible exhibits. These included a huge earth globe. A statue of a Chinese man with two pupils and irises. World’s largest guitar. Lady Lynda with bittersweet memories her father playing guitar in a seedy bar band to help support her family. She gasped as she imagined her daddy carrying that giant instrument. As she imagined that reiiculous image she giggled and guffawed. Seymour meanwhile gently tapped his wife on the shoulder to get her to notice him. His spouse immediately turned ar around and look quite puzzled. “What is it dear. Are you okay.” i’m fine” he replied . Lets not stay here when there is so much more to explore. “Hey that rhymes” quipped Lady Lynda. “So much for poems. Let’s move!! The two walk into the “Odditorium” They gawk at the numerous shrunken heads and shudder at the notion they were heads of real people. The twosome’s eyes gape wide when they visit the word’s smallest passenger car . The two are fascinated by the life size statue of the world’s tallest man ever.   Robert Wadlow at just under nine feet tall. Seymour joked how saying some man is shorter than Robert Wadlow sure wasn’t saying much. Lady Lynda chuckled at his that’s not saying much joke.” “Oh Seymour my love for makes me feel warm and tender and that is saying very much. “Likewise Lady Lynda” her mate fondly responded as they warmly embrace. The couple walks off to a casino nearby.