Lady Lynda dreamily recalled theirtheir College Days

Lady Lynda settled in for a good night’s sleep snuggling up to her paramour hubby Seymour. Both of them serenely enjoying the comfort of their old fashion four poster bed.  It was pretty much like those wholesome family scenes of mom and dad in those fifties movies.  Lady Lynda heard her husband snore and thought his snores were the sweetest sounds since Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas”  She thought of how dear he    her.made her feel so happy.  With that  blissful  mood she drifted off to 

Suddenly Lady  Lynda felt terrifically hot.  So much so she immediately wanted to rip off her ankle length carnation pink flannel nightgown.  The woman tugged at her sleepwear as if she was desperate to get it  off her.  She wondered if the thermostat temperature suddenly rose.  Toze’s wife looked over to check on her husband.  He was serenely sleeping..   Mrs Lady Lynda May Huffenfetter Toze wondered completely dismayed.  Was she imagining the chill?   The woman climbed  out of bed and tiptoed quietly to the picture window to see about what she could find out.. Lady Lynda smiled and sighed  feel ng much relieved by the invigorating  air  cooling her from head to her fleshy chubby toes.   She enjoyed the cool air as it refreshed her frame making her feel as cool as a pleasant refreshing Shirley Temple.

“Summe rBreeze’. sung  Seals and Croft wafted through Lady Lynda’s mind.    Lady Lynda thought back to her dormitory days at the sexually segregated University, Benjamin Franklin University,  that Seymour and her were pupils at  In doing so her pupils dilated recalling fond memories.  It was there she remembered how they wetr so close yet a safe distance to keep  their virginity before marriage.   She smiled as she recalled her time there.

The woman thoughtfully reflected how conflicted she was in keeping her distance from Toze yet wanting so achingly  to be close to him.   At least  her memories of him going through the same thing she recalled encouaraged her.  there was Seymour going through chastity with her  A testament to pride and togetherness and proper morality. .  Lady Lynda reminesces about their time in  college.  She reminesced how the separate dorms made it much easier to stay chaste.  The temptation wasn’t so much as opposed   to lving  in mixed  dorms.  The woman sighed as she looked back on their time at BFU. Lady Lynda reminded herself of her strict Orthodox Jewish upbringing and how that helped her stay pure until her marriage to Seymour.

The now Mrs Toze thought back on how she believed that absence truly does make the heart  yearn. The reflection made her eyes tear up with a strong sense of sentiment..    Keeping that sentiment in mind  the  woman  told herself even though it was very hard for her,  that in the end it was worth it to be saved  for  Seymour.  That sentiment made her warmly smiled. Then the woman walked back toward the bedroom.  Seeing her husband Seymour Toze peacefully asleep made her joyful. . It  worked out perfectly with her and Seymour snuggling together throughout the evening.  Lady Lynda knew their lifestyle wasn’t for everyone but what lifestyle is she mused.   She only knew she was glad she stood up for her beliefs and tomorrow would be a new day lesson in internet marketing for newbies