Lady Lynda and Seymour Toze check out adopting a dog.

Seymour Toze and Lady Lynda think about checking  various animal shelters to adopt a dog.

.Seymour retrieves a book from their den.    Its “Canineopedia” It lists over four hundred canines.  It includes every American Kennel Club and United Kennel club and dogs not included in any kennel club except for the international  “Federation Cynological International” the granddaddy of  nearly  every kennel club in the world.

The couple peruse the text for how to care for their new family member. . ..  They know most likely the dog will be a lovable mutt.   They insist on a housetrained canine..    With these factors in mind  they read the care for a dog section first. Starting  ith  taking your dog home.   The first part they discover is how to  puppy proof your place..  One thing this is making  certain  there are no toxic house plants. , no harmful  chocolate, no loose wires, no objects such as vases, bowls, lamps, cups or any other small items the dog could trip over. .  The next chapter was on dog beds, collars,  leashes.  Exercising one’s pet  The couple skipped the house training  since they insisted they would only adopt a dog that was house broken.. They skimmed the grooming section too.  They’d groom it themselves.

They insisted on short haired so it’d be once a week grooming with a simple dog brush. . Smart enough to learn basic commands like  come,  retrieve , stay,  paw, down,  beg   They weren’t looking for a circus dog  Specifically there were seeking a dog that needed max a thirty minute walk.  Their preference size wise was for a dog that was between thirteen and sixteen inches in height and proportionate in weight.   With these factors in mind they look up various breeds in their printed material and in dog sites on the net.  They realize too it was much more likely there would mainly be loveable mutts at the local shelters.

The  Tozes felt felt excited  to check the nearby pet shelters.  That is ones that were no more than ten miles from their home in Haverford PA. They go to a popular general search engine.  Lady Lynda types in the search bar finding a dog in a shelter or   rescue no more than ten miles miles from their zip code.  Now the journey would  commence.  They were really excited to begin their journey toward a canine addition to their home.


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