Buster the Red Boston Terrier Comes home to the Toze’s.

Lady Lynda Mae Hoffenfetter  Toze Seymourbrings home their brick red boston terrier Buster.   The couple beams with delight there is a canine addition to their household.  To them the dog is perfect just the way he is.  T   I don’t give a flying fig he’d not black and white or sable and white snarls Seymour    He looks so handsome to me.I like just as he is.  Toze happily gushes.
“He looks so darling to me too” commented his wife Lady Lynda

The  couple relishes that Buster  is a year old and  house trained.   That “Being so compact twenty pounds and fifteen inches he won’t need  much exercise .  Plus his short furmerely needs a brushing with al dog brush that  can  bepurchase in a pet supply store.  Yes I believe we made the right choice.Lady Lynda gushed. Seymour heartily agreed.

The dog shyly comes out of his crate and  immediately surveys his immediate surroundings.    He seems bewildered. .  The two fret about making  a mistake.  Then Seymour urged his wife”Don’t give up too easily.  We just need to show him the layout of our domicile. So  he can used used to his home.  Lady Lynda smiled at Seymour’s suggestions.   “Let’s go” Lady Lynda exclaimed. “Let’s start with the foyer..  Then will work  out way to the living room, dining room,bedroom,. the kitchen, guestroom,   den, rec. room,  basement” rattled Seymour’s

He needs to know that he feels comfortable, secure here..   We are responsible for his safety  his well being.  Yes indeed. we must be fair to him.  He is totally dependent on us. He is here to stay. . They insist ot not shirking their responsibilitities And with vet visits for periodic checkups for making certain his shots are up to date that could be for a very long time.   Lady Lynda and Seymour Toze delight in their decision.

“We must make absolutely certain he learns the basic commands asap.   I wouldn’t be surprised bein he’s a year old he knows some basic commands.  The next day we will test to see if he knows the following  commands.  Come, stay, fetch. If he know to walk with us not definitely not ahead of us.  That we are his alpha dogs.  That he realizes he can’t jump on people, especially our guests.  It is of utmost necessity for us , our guests and Buster he learns his manners.  Well Lady Lynda your first non human client in the teaching of proper etiquette.  I bet you’d be quite good at this since you are expert on these manners . “But he’s a dog.”  retorted Lady Lady.  He’s not a human.  How can he learn as such.  How on earth can I teach him as if he were a little child. H needs to be taught as a canine.  I  need to brush on the training part of our dog books.I’m certain if I do that there shouldn’t be much of a problem training him.  I do recall Boston Terriers pick up new information quite quickly.  For dogs they are very intelligent.  I mean that they can easily learn new information.    He is not  a small human he is an animal of the canis major family  “Your right my dear sweet practical Lady Lynda But for now let him get a good night sleep as much as he caninely possibly can.  I suspect he right now needs his sleep.   Tomorrow as Scarlet O’Hara said  Margeret Mitchell epic civil war novel “Tomorrow is another day”  With that in mind  why don’t  we call it a day and go our bedroom,  get  cozy and get some much needed shuteye.  The dog can sleep in his crate   We were told he is crate trained.  With that comforting thought in mind the  couple are set t oget their much needed sleep.  For they are utterly exhausted and filled with joyful excitement, anticipation of owning a pet.


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