Lady Lynda Learns the Truth regarding Visually disabled workers.

Lady Lynda ask a blond woman on work acccomdations for the visually impaired.  They are drinking gourmet  coffee at a local coffee shop.  The visually impaired woman replies that  various technologies  help the sight disabled. A woman with low visions counterargues that people who are blind are superior because their other senses are so much more developed vs non blind person. Lady Lynda is visibly shaken. , quite perplexed.  Seymour’s wife queries her friend how can this be a blind person is at an advantage.

Meanwhile Mrs Toze’s visually disabled friend hears the footsteps of the barista.  She can tell by the fact the footsteps are getting louder the barista woman is only a foot from her.   She turns to face the young employee to wait for the woman to talk.  The woman  asks if she’d like a  refill.  She replies yes she would.  The coffee shop worker tells her her  second cup will there for her shortly.  The sightless woman hears the coffee shop workers footsteps getting softer as the worker heads toward the coffee machine.

“See what I mean.  If you’ll pardon the expression . Anyhoo see how I could  tell how close the barista was by how loud her footsteps were.  You witnessed an example of how  heightened senses guided me.

LSo that’s how you do it you somehow strengthen your other senses, Neat,”  Lady Lynda responded,

Her friend Jayme Nightengale a low vision receptionist.replies that because she can’t see her other senses are greatly improved,   They are meeting at a nearby coffee shop near where Downie works. The visually impaired woman is sitting down slowly sipping her coffee. She sips her drink that way because it is still too hot to drink in any other way. Lady Lynda smiles as she thinks how good it is to see her friend. Then she thinks of the words sees her friend and ponders how an innocent phrase can can bring out the differences between them. She wonders too how Jayne feels working at a mostly sighted workplace.

“I feel okay  working in a business environment where the vast majority of my fellow peers are sighted.   I feel sorry for them  I doubt they ever think about how to enhance their senses including their  sense of sight like I do”  But you have to” snapped Lady Lynda
“Yes I do and I am truly grateful for that fact.  I never would be capable of strengthening my other senses.   I’m sure you heard the saying “necessity if the motion of invention”.  With blind people like yours truly its losing or not being with sense makes it necessary to strengthen one’s other senses,”

“I like how you could sense how close the barista was to you by the loudness of her footsteps,  I’d love for you tell me a new example”
“How’s this one.  I can type fluently 60 words per minute and I never need to look at the typewriter keyboard. LOL. Seriously its using what you can and not to feel sorry for what you can’ do”

“in other words its thinking positive.  Accenting the positive.   I  really like your outlook Jayme.   i learned a lot from you.  Particularly on how to best deal with the situation.  Don’t say I can’t.  Say how can I.” Of course assistive technology such as text readers or magifying aids for those with some sight helps too   Mostly its a positive can do way of thinking.”
“I learned a lot from you Jayne I admire your gumption   Lets toast to your flexbility. ” They toast each other with their coffee cups.

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