People with Disabilities want to be treated as individuals and not as labels.

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Three important notes to remember,   People  with disabilities are individuals   Their disability is only a part of who they are ,  They want to be treated with respect.  They want to be treated as individuals and not as their labels.   Mostly they most want to be treated as themselves. And this is crucial not as their label or only as their ailment.  I’ll explain what I mean next.

I’d love to talk to you of ” ThePeople First movement.:  Everybody is much more than their disability,  “disorder, disease. “Take yours truly Lady Lynda Mae Hoffenfetter Toze,   I am diagnosed with several medical conditions,  One of them is diabetes type two,  You could rightly say I am diabetic but that dismisses  other parts of who I am.  In the “People First:” movement everyone is much more than their disabillity, disorder, disease , condition,   Instead the preferred expression is I am diagnosed or I have what ever diagnosis   I like I have fill in the blank but fill in the blank doesn’t have  me,  My other health issues are ADHD,  High Blood pressure aka hypertensive,  I am diagnosed as oppose to I am.   I am whatever dismisses the fact I am a woman.  I am Jewish , I am a feminist and a proud wife to shoe salesman pedicurist Seymour Toze.  Otherwise the term I am  for example hypertensive dismisses every other truth of who I am.

People with disabilities are much more the same as people without handicaps   They like you and me want to be treated with respect  They appreciate being treated with kindness, respet consideration to their situation,.  Try to find a common bond.  for example one of my women friends was born a severe case of cerebral palsy  She is for most of the time in a reclining wheel chair.   One of her loves is the NBA.  She and I are Philadelphia Sixers fans.   This sport is something we both relate to.  Try to find a topic each of you are interested in.  That you can relate to.   That is if its a social or casual situation.   One thing to remember is we are far more similar than we are dissimular.  One’s illness  disorder, disability is only a part of what makes them a person.

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