Once More Lady Lynda Thinks of a New Direction of her Etiquette Talks

Lady Lynda thinks of the talk the final notes including everything important in between. Seymour entered the bedroom where  his wife was.  He asked how her talk was going.  He inquires too, if he can join her in the love seat.   His wife grins and waves her arm to signal him ,  in no uncertain terms, yes he can. They cozy up to each other.   They cuddle next to each other.   They snuggle close.   They are oh so close to each other.   Seymour starts to nibble his wife’s pert nose.  You’re nose is so cute, my darling.  Your cheeks are are full and round just like a comfy pillow.   “I’d love you to be my pillow” Seymour murmured sweetly. :”Oh Seymour behave!!!”  This is getting too much for me” I’m completely mixed  up what to do    You are, darling so inviting.  Yet deciding on my new direction of my talks is important too.”]’ You invited me darling”  He   said as he smiled sheepishly.  Perhaps we can combine the two interests” he murmured to her.’ “How so?” inquired Toze’s wife’ “Each time you think of an idea we caress” “Let’s do it. I’m  game” exclaimed Lady Lynda. His wife exclaimed that most , if not the vast majority of US people with disabilities live on or near the poverty level They caress. “Accomodations are fine as long as they are fair to workers with disabilities and the supervisor. ”   They caress.” “The Americans with Disability Act” is the law of the land” They caress. “This is the most entertaining think tank ever”  shouted Lady Lynda.  Seymour readily agrees with her. Mrs Toze thinks to herself the people I tutored as abled too.    They are not only disabled  they are abled.  Their disability is merely a part of them.   Everyone in the world of work should remember, realize that is so true. As Mrs Seymour Toze thought of her future talk a feeling of dread came over her like a hazy fog that enveloped her.   What if the crowd disliked the subject.   Even worse what if they rejected it The woman shuddered in fear as she reminded herself that the people there wouldn’t be quarenteed that they would like the topic at hand. Conversely in order to reassure herself she reminded herself her previous lectures went very well with the listeners. Then as the woman continued to think of her new talk her m

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ood started to lift as she  thought of the very real possibility that her new topic could encourage them, lift them up transform their lives in the most positive way. I’ll pay a visit to a company that employs some of my successful studemts

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