Lady Lynda visits her former client who is now working at a workspace.

Lady Lynda impatiently stares at her cell phone clock as she sits at the table in the  firm’s lunch room.  The location Barb, her former client told her to wait for her.     She immediately notices she is close to thirty minutes late.    Lady Lynda furrows her brow and grimaces as her emotions start to get the best of her.     She takes some deep breathes to try to gain patience.

Lady Lynda smiles and gives a sigh of relief when she sees Barb coming into the lunch room.

The worker saunters over to her guest.   A couple minutes she reaches the table where her former teacher sits.    The woman wears a chain with ear plugs.  The woman looks up.   “I’m sorry I’m late.   I can explain.” she exclaims.

“I’d like to know what happened” Lady Lynda exclaims sincerely.

“My cell isn’t working that well lately.   I’m sorry I didn’t tell you until now about that.  I was late because my boss told me that if I don’t tow the line I could be fired.   At the very least  I’m on the verge of losing my position in the cup painting team.”

Lady Lynda perked up.  “That’s your work here?  Cup painting?  Could  you tell me more.  I’d love to hear more” she responds

Barbara sighs impatiently.  I was telling why I was late for work.  Explaining cup painting is besides the point”
“I’m not so so certain of that.  Isn’t the point you’re in trouble to do with your work responsibilities?:U

“I understand  your point.  My duties is to paint a cup with a greeting.  The team, all women, sit on a table and we paint one cup at a time.   My hands are pretty firm.  That’s  not the issue.  What is my ADHD makes me easily distractable.  That’s why I wear these earplugs.  The business knows I’m diagnosed with ADHD.  They know the law too.  The ADA says fair and reasonable accomodations.  I don’t see how wearing earplugs is unreasonable.  Do you?”
Lady Lynda nods in agreement. Seymour’s spouse sympathizes with the woman.   Her eyes fill with tears as she thinks of how unfair she was being treated.   Her sympathy quickly turns to rage.
“You’ve got to complain.   They are not being Americans with Disability Act  compliant.  Its the law”  Your supervisor must let you wear your ear plugs.”  she vociferated.

Lady Lynda  gently puts her left hand on her former clients shoulder.   While her hand is still on the woman’s shoulder she looks directly in her eyes.   “Its illegal how you’re being treated” she intones firmly.

I just thought of an idea lets banter back and forth.  You be the boss and I’ll be you. Okay?”
“Okay” relied the worker.

Lady Lynda sympathizes with her previous client.   She suggests a dialogue so they canter banter back and forth ideas.

The two women role play.   Barb plays her supervisor.   Lady Lynda portrays Barb.

“I’d like to roleplay first if its okay with you.   I  figure I can see the situation more clearly since I’m not as close to it as you.  Can you see why my reason” asked Lady Lynda

“I can see you’re  reasoning.   You’re more objective.  Sure go ahead”

“One question.  What is your boss’s name.”   Mr Davis” replied Barbara.

“Mr  Davis.   I think you’re treating me unfairly.   You hired me knowing I am a woman with ADHD. You are familiar with the Americans with Disability Act too.  You agreed to give me fair, reasonable accomodations”

Lady Lynda helps her friend come up with a solution to her issue.  Lady Lynda Aha moment.  Advocacy.  Disability lawyer.  Agrees.  Lady Lynda suggests a role play.

Next the two decide to  imagine confronting Mr. Davis.   They plan specifics.  Lady Lynda goes first

Barb’s guest recalls her first day in the private high school.   She recoils recalling how the kids unmercifully stared at her uneven colored eyes.  Lady Lynda feels she can relate to how Barb feels feeling different because of her ADHD.    It doesn’t matter what the difference is its the fact  you’re different that is enough to make you feel inferior she reflects to herself.    How would that make her former client feel , especially when her supervisor who should know better refuses to help her.
With new determination Lady Lynda says “You know I’m disabled.   You know the law.   There is no excuse to treat me so unfairly”
Barb as her boss Mr Davis replies “I hired you because I thought you could  perform the duties”
Mrs Toze chimes in with “Then make It possible for me perform my duties.  You know the law.  The ADA is the law.

Barb smiled.  “I think I got this.  Let’s do it.  Thanks for letting me see the truth.   The truth set me free I’m confronting Mr. Davis.”
” Whoa yayyeee that’s the spirit” exclaimed Lady Lynda.

The next day  Barb confidently knocks on Mr Davis’s door.



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