The Storm

"The Storm" by Lynda Appell

 I am huddled in my living room  on this tumultous  night 
Trying my utmost to survive the storm. It is not my friend.
The thunder constantly crackles like someone enraged.
I try my best to wait it out until the end.

My walls give me no feeling of security
Even though they are plenty secure
I  repeatedly check my one bed room apartment
I feel like I can never be satisfied.  I want more.
The darkness out my window makes the outside completely obscure. 
I keep thinking of the unknown.
I  just know I am glad I am indoors for sure.
The rains come rushing down like an endless stream of water

I hear the constant howling wind
I realize there is  a raging tornado 
Oh please help me survive this night
and I will be as happy as finding El Dorado.

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