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Netiquette for Networker Newbies

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  •  Lady Lynda by the way she  stately walked across the stage displayed  her confidence with the attendees watching her in their seats.  .  Months of experience lecturing to people made her feel used to talking to strangers.  Plus the careful,  preparation down to the minutest steps helped prepare for this moment.   The saying she fondly recalled that strangers are merely friends we didn’t know yet greatly encouraged her.
    The woman quickly eyeballed the audience.    she slowly walked across the stage a  secpmd to,e as she surveyed the people who came to see her talk netiquette for newbies.
  • “Please always say to yourself.  Everyone is human.  None of us are machines.  I know that sounds obvious.   Yet many of us forget that we are communicating with other people.  Consistently be polite.   Take the high road. .  If someone is rude , heckles you or otherwise goads you never stoop to their level. ” In internet terms don’t feed the troll.”   The lecturer smiled as the audience reacted quite favorably to her remark.
  • Lady Linda continued with telling the clients “One good way of knowing what is proper behavior is to check out the cyberspace you are in by going there sans making comments.  In other words lurk before you make yourself to be a jerk.
  • Be respectful of others time, bandwidth.
  • Check your grammar, spelling and punctuation. Don’t go into vulgarities.  Writing Fing is equally as bad as writing the complete word.  Don’t curse.   For example its far better to say or type I respectfully disagree vs you’re full of…you know.  …
  • Definitely feel free to share your relevant experiences.    Equally important let others share theirs.   Never talk over someone talking.   That is something people truly dislike.  On the net try not to
  • Help keep flame* wars under control  Even better try your best to not let them happen.
  • Respect the privacy of everyone participating in what ever capacity possible. The only exception and I doubt this  will happen, if someone is a danger to self or others.
  • Be respectful of other’s feelings, viewpoints, perspectives.
  • Lastly we are human and everyone of us makes mistakes.    If you feel the need to correct someone do it gently, unobstrusively.  I hope you enjoyed my talk  Even more importantly you learned how to better  communicate on the net in a civil , courteous way.”
  • The men and women’s reaction with their loud clapping  pleased Lady Lynda very much.

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My device

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Lady Lynda’s Confidence Restored.

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:ady Lynda sat there glumly on her paisley upholstered sofa contemplating what precisely came in effect because of her etiquette teachings to the students. How edifying was her teachings? Yes it was true there was a soiree but what happened next? Yes what did happen? Did her as they say on that new fangled net , her BFF Auntie Carol. Did she know?
There was this Lourdes, aka Lala and her gentleman friend Francisco. She of the Charm School for Wayward Girls. He of The Pequot Reform School for Dastardly Bastards. That ruffian was no gentleman when she first met him. Lady Lynda reminisced. She thought of the Latino Francisco, olive skin, and ebony eyes. His face was a stark contrast in disconcerting dissonance. His lady friend Lala was olive, statuesque, voluptious. Lourdes was an apt name for her for Lord knows how she’d turn out. Auntie Carol’s colleague remembered her experiences with the wayward girls and the dastardly bastards, las Combronas. She recalled most specifically the remarkably handsome Francisco and Lala. Her successes in inculcating in proper deportment. She made them former neer do wells. That was her shining hour and her crowning glory. Now her spirits brightened and knew what to tell her potential agent.
The woman was still nervous as she dialed the phone. This time she was feeling somewhat more confident.

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Lady Lynda Recalls How She Found Her Niche.

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.Lady Lynda forlornly thought of how she missed lecturing the young women of the charm school for wayward girls. She felt melancholy thinking her words of wisdom would never be heard by those dear young men of Mr. Pequots Reform School for Dastardly Bastards. She sighed as she pondered how her male charges would consistently be actual bastards. However they were dastardly no more. Conversely, the girls were now refined young women. Both grads were ready to take their place in polite society. It was a dim chance that the female students would ignorantly blather away at vulgar nonsense. Lady Lynda felt a warm feeling in the cockles of her heart. Her mood was decidedly blithe as she reflected on how her woman friend and herself dramatically changed such unfortunate wretch’s lives so significantly for the better.
Auntie Carol‘s faithful colleague now felt a sense of emptine Yes the student of both schools could get a bit unruly she admitted. She recalled bemused the time whe the girls guffawed at her quaint manners…Manners such as saying please and thank you or may I. The woman reluctantly remembered how it was a huge challenge to gain their respect. It was like convincing a Conservative to vote for a Liberal candidate. In a way she couldn’t blame them as she tried to see how she and Auntie Carol were initially perceived as two dowdy middle aged women. Who if the girl‘s vocabulary was sophisticated enough would be viewed as dowagers. Lynda’s perspective, she was a sophisticated lady.
Now she wondered how she’d fill the void in her life. There was her husband Seymour. He was busy with his day job as a shoe salesman and pedicurist at the “Into Leather” shoe store. The woman reflecting on her time with her students came to the conclusion lecturing was her forte.
It was what she did best. Her time giving talks to the students of both of the schools proved that. She fondly recalled eventually how they listened intensely to whatever she told them .
No more would they, especially the boys be baneful threats to society. They would know their place and instead of looking bedraggled they would be the epitomy of ladylike and gentlemanly deportment. They would be belligerent no more. In place of belligerence , there would be respect for societal mores.

Looking back Lady Lynda thought, bemused that if she can make these swaggering braggarts become civilized than she could do for almost everybody. She found her niche. Her mission would be to lecture on the importance of proper manners.

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Lady Lynda’s Memories of her then etiquette partner Auntie Carol and her perspective of the Charm school graduation.

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Lady Lynda screwed up her face in disgust as she remembered the dreadful example her former etiquette partner Auntie Carol gave  to their newly graduated reformed charm
school ladies. A little tipsy I don't believe is the right phrase. How
'bout practically roaring down drunk? Conversely I remember a few years
ago a so called woman friend invited me to a place of entertainment.
Well it turned out to be a show of scantily clad male entertainers. I
recall drinking nothing but Mimosas. I drank my share.  I lost count with my tenth drink.  Even so I was
still standing and even dancing a bit. Not well but still dancing.
Especially when everybody with the exception of us, were underage. They
should be complete teatotolers. Shame on you. I did like the way the
room was festooned with such colorful crepe, Emerald balloons. I wonder was green
subconsously chosen because we are leaving the girls for greener
pastures? Namely Mr. Pequots Reform School for Dastardly Bastards.
Whatever? Pretty in pink I say. Those tulip dresses for the young
ladies waiting for their two lips to be kissed by handsome beaus. I just
love the colorful makeup. It was a fest fit for a Bachanalia.
Whoever their pardners may be.   If you'll pardon my expression. lol. The perfumes were an
olfactory delight. Such sophistication in scents. The sweet smell of
success was in the air. A little tongue and cheek humor. Oh Auntie
Carol, you are so cheeky.

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Lady Lynda Continues her crusade.

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Lady  Lynda wondered where the time went.  She noticed the sky outside was a deepest sapphire blue.  Seymour’s wife  scrutinized the notes neatly laid on her desk   The woman gasped as she saw it was after midnight.   She looked around her study to find any clues to where the time slipped by.     How could she be so obsessed with her cause that she completely lost track of the time? she pondered.  The air conditioning sound drowned out outside noise  Yet despite the time slipping by  Seymour’s wife  was convinced her crusade was crucial.   Off colored Boston terriers were  poor souls  who needed her protection.

Seymour wiped a tear from his left eye as he stood quietly at the door of the atelier where  his dear wife huddled over her desk.   She reminded  him of a hunched Scrooge  gazing at his precious gold.  Seymour  Ebeneezer with his wealth and Lady Lynda with her dedication to off colored Boston Terriers.

Seymour let his spouse be for the moment.  With her head buried in her papers his wife seemed impervious to communicating. .   If only there was  a way to reach her he fretted  To show her she was too wrapped up in her pet project.  That there was more to life then her task.. Yes it was a good cause but she didn’t need to work on it constantly.  What about her wifely duties her husband grumbled.

Lady Lynda looked up as to the high domed ceiling with its rococo design to see about getting some inspiration. . For that one last  project.   As she did so she exhaled deeply.   The woman then felt a quick respite of relief   That was enough for her to feel refreshed.   She would be energized for more crusading

Then thinking about how to  rectify the situation,  Seymour gently reminded his spouse there was much more to life then any campaign.  “I miss  you Lady Lynda.   Let’s take a break from your campaigning.  I’m not saying or implying its not important but so is our marriage , our relationship.  Besides taking a break can refresh your mind   I know that taking a break.  Enjoying each other’s company can sure refresh mine.

Lady Lynda looked up at her husband.  She sweetly smiled and replied  “You’re right Seymour.  I need a break. ”  But I’m so wound up right now I feel like I’m a swirling dervish.   I remember when I was little.   I was terrified looking at them slowly turning eerily slowly as if self hypnotized.  I’ m feeling so dizzying remembering what I saw on the TV .   Please hold me Seymour.    “I’ll be glad to.   Let me embrace you and lead you to the bedroom.

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Brett Brown being hired as player development coach.

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My reasons for Brett Brown to be hired as a player development coach or a player development supervisor.

The one unargueable fact is Brett Brown was let go of his head coaching duties for the Sixers August/24/20.   No matter how one looks at the reason, circumstance, factors in his firing the fact is there was no momentum to coach for  the Philadelphia 76ers.   Personally as I see it it at least part of the problem as poor player pics.  I am not insinuating Brett Brown is blameless.   However a cook is only as good as his/her ingredients. If he was an assistant coach he would not  need to deal with problematic players.

However the fact is when he was the player development coach for the San Antonio Spurs He was personally hired by head coach Greg Popovich.   When Brown was in the coaching team that team won four championships.  Spurs head coach Greg (Pop) Popovich deserves equal credit too.  It was Popovich who took a chance on Brett Brown.  Popovich  is still the Spurs head coach.  He believes him and Brown worked well together.  Greg Popovich on Brett Brown. “He is the most incredible positive sort of force.  I know he loves the game of basketball.  He is even tempered  He loves the process. Lastly there is a history of loving to develop players.”  I think, based on track  record for the San Antonio Spurs and his  experience  in developing various  Sixers team players he would be an excellent choice for  the following positions.  Player development coach,  an assistant coach that mainly develops players or a supervisor of coach or coaches that help develop   basketball players in what ever team would hir

Brett Brown and San Antonio Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich enjoy a long  professional and friendly history. Before Brown became head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, Popovich gave him an assistant coach position. Through this, Brown learned how to properly develop basletball player talent.  So much Brown was eventually elevated to to be a top assistant   coach.    He was at the top of the assisting team when he left to be head coach of the Philadelphia Sixers.

Pete sawanNBA wrote 2017 the following:  “During his time in San Antonio, Brett Brown had to essentially oversee the talent on the roster. He primarily worked on making sure some of the fringe players on the team could come in a compete when necessary. This role helped Brown understand the value in all players, not just the stars.” Brett Brown didn’t  play favorites.”  Every team member he believed is equally important.  Judging from what Sawan wrote Brown will treat each player on an equal basis     Brown knows how to develop players. It may not seem like it based on record, but he knows how to get the most out of his guys. Brown has a history of getting below-average players to thrive. Hopefully, he can help the Philadelphia 76ers make that jump. Pete SawanNBA Fansided Sixers.  “Unfortunately Sixers making the jump from contenders to champions didn’t materialize.   One rcause  was  so many players were traded”.  “The 2019-2020  team was far from the  identical team as the previous  2018-2019 season”.   “One reason was this was  the fact that general manager  Elton Brand traded many of the shooters”.  To me this was an irresponsible move since the very essence of scoring is shooting the ball into the basket.   True defense of course is important  and preventing turnovers.  At the end of the day its baskets that win the game.  If Brown was a  player development coach  for any NBA team  he would only be concerned with the players he would be developing.

Adam Herman wrote for NBC news  8/24/20″ I’d be surprised if Brown isn’t an assistan coach t in the league next year.”.   My thoughts.  Sixers were Brown’s first and only time as a head coach.   I’m not certain if being an assistant   coach for any NBA team including the Spurs was enough preparation.  That said perhaps being an assistant coach or player development coach this time would give him more experience in preparing for a second head coach position for him.

“Air Alamo”’s Dylan Carter  wrote an editorial on  that the former Sixers coach should come back to the S.A. Spurs as a player development coach. Or he should come back \supervising relevant coaches.   In that way he could supervise the PDT including go getter Becky Hammon.  Carter  wrote his report in late August 2020.  His other suggestion was Brett Brown being hired as an assistant coach.

While he was head coach of the Sixers Brown continued with his player development skills.  For example he helped develop the following team members: Robert Covington,   Robert Covington aka Roco started as a small forward back in 2017. His playing was dramatically transformed through Brett Brown’s coaching.   The former head coach guided the 6’7″ wing into being c capable of getting 12.6 points per  game.  This was during Covington’s four years time with the Sixers.  Plus shooting 35.9 % from the floor.  Brett maximized Roco and the result is a truly skilled NBA player.TJ. McConnell. He could effectively manage an offense.  He could efficient mid range shooter and good defense skills.  Brett Brown helped  to hone those skills for McConnell.   He sharpened TJ’s  limited skills to the benefit of the Sixers team.Michael Carter Williams says Brown significantly helped him develop as a player.rd Michael Carter-Williams won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award in 2014, and credited Brown for helping him win the award and grow as a player.[17]

I can only discuss these two teams since they are the only NBA teams he was involved with.  It is true he was a coach for X years for the Australian “Boomers” basketball team.

Reasons for Brett Brown not to be hired as a player development coach.”

One can discuss how much of the Sixers not getting into the finals during Brett’s tenure was due to his coaching or because of the roster. Or for that matter front office issues.   Off hand I’d say it’s most likely a combination.  I do know if he were the player development coach he wouldn’t need to deal with the front office decisions in terms of him being a head coach.

  1. It would be a demotion.  Okay this  is true.  However he wouldn’t need to be concerned about front office decisions of trading shooters.  He wouldn’t be affected by the decisions of the management, especially any general manager.  He would only be dealing with developing the basketball skills of new players.   This is a talent that’s proven to show in two professional NBA teams.  His track record in developing NBA players prove that he can and has develop talent in the past.  If given the opportunity it looks  like he will prove he can develop NBA players in the future.  His past is in this regard is  prologue to the future

2 There would be a cut in salary.   To me this is the least of the reasons. As the Sixers head coach his salary was two million yearly  When he was removed as head coach of the Philadelphia PA Sixers, the front office in order to break his contract needed to pay him ten million dollars.  It looks to me he doesn’t need to worry about money.

To reiterate Brett Brown is an experienced and proven developer of budding NBA players.   It would be much less pressure than being a head coach.  He wouldn’t need to deal with  the hassles of a front office.

Certainly the most cogent factor is the following.  Is there a player development coach position or related supervisory position.   If there is one would he be willing to take it .  I completely realize its his decision   The ball is in his court.

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“Lady Lynda’s Off Color Project.”

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Seymour Toze gazed lovingly at his wife who was rumpling some papers at her old fashion wooden desk several yards from him. .   They were both in Lady Lynda’s atelier.  The room was lit by the sunny sunlight coming  in their  the picture  window .  The furniture was on the elegant side yet comfortable.  Lady Lynda did not notice her mate since her head was down  staring at her notes.   Her husband noticed how her face was scrunched up like a little kid sucking on a sour ball.  He presumed his lovey dovey was  concentrating  on her project.

Toze  casually sauntered toward  his wife.  “Lady Lynda how’s is it going with your pet project  “Advocacy for Off Colored “Boston Terriers?”  His wife briefly looked up from her notes.  She replied  “Its going pretty well.”  Seymour nodded his head in a yes sign as he heard his wife’s response.   He then smiled triumphantly.   He  jutted out his left arm with his thumb prominently in an up victory position.  He then smiled.  As he did so his hazel eyes sparkled with a sparkle that bought out the sparkling gold speckles in his eyes.   Lady Lynda seeing how his eyes sparkled made her eyes shine like a scattering of deep blue sapphire upon a white sheet of paper.

Suddenly Mrs Toze’s corners of her lips turned slightly down.   Seymour wondered why the sudden change.  “What’s the matter” she asked concerned.   His wife responded with “I’m worried I might not save save every one of the poor off colored pooches. ”    “You do what you can,  Can I help you.”   Lady Lynda beamed with delight.  “Oh that would s darling of you Seymour.”

Seymour smiled a warm smile.  His eyes sparkled as his grin widened.    His wife  immediately noticed how joyful he was in knowing he could help his mate.   Lady Lynda glowed with a glow that instantly transformed her formerly pale skin color into a hue that reflected her feelings of true happiness.   “Yes you can Seymour  my love.”   You can listen to me explain the importance of my off color Boston terrier campaign.

Unfortunately there are merely two color combinations that are part of the standard for these delightful dogs..  Black and white and sable and white.  Every other color and color combination is officially considered unacceptable.  Oh those  poor  canines condemned for something that is beyond them    Its my crusade to help those poor  pooches so that they too can be just as desired as their luckier fellow Boston terriers.  I  wonder how those breeders can be so heartless with poor puppies who can’t help what color or colors they were born with,  the woman sighed.   Seymour walked over and gently put his arms around  her somewhat plump middle.  His wife frowned as she thought of the pounds she needed to lose.  Her mate smiled, telling her the extra fat made her that much more huggable.  Lady Lynda eyes brightened as she hugged her husband back.

“Enough with the lovey dovey let me get back to work.  I’m on a mission to save these souls who are treated so unfairly through no fault to their own.  I am on a mission, she proudly announced.

“You certainly are dear, my dear dedicated caring Lady Lynda.

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Lady Lynda and Seymour Toze check out adopting a dog.

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Seymour Toze and Lady Lynda think about checking  various animal shelters to adopt a dog.

.Seymour retrieves a book from their den.    Its “Canineopedia” It lists over four hundred canines.  It includes every American Kennel Club and United Kennel club and dogs not included in any kennel club except for the international  “Federation Cynological International” the granddaddy of  nearly  every kennel club in the world.

The couple peruse the text for how to care for their new family member. . ..  They know most likely the dog will be a lovable mutt.   They insist on a housetrained canine..    With these factors in mind  they read the care for a dog section first. Starting  ith  taking your dog home.   The first part they discover is how to  puppy proof your place..  One thing this is making  certain  there are no toxic house plants. , no harmful  chocolate, no loose wires, no objects such as vases, bowls, lamps, cups or any other small items the dog could trip over. .  The next chapter was on dog beds, collars,  leashes.  Exercising one’s pet  The couple skipped the house training  since they insisted they would only adopt a dog that was house broken.. They skimmed the grooming section too.  They’d groom it themselves.

They insisted on short haired so it’d be once a week grooming with a simple dog brush. . Smart enough to learn basic commands like  come,  retrieve , stay,  paw, down,  beg   They weren’t looking for a circus dog  Specifically there were seeking a dog that needed max a thirty minute walk.  Their preference size wise was for a dog that was between thirteen and sixteen inches in height and proportionate in weight.   With these factors in mind they look up various breeds in their printed material and in dog sites on the net.  They realize too it was much more likely there would mainly be loveable mutts at the local shelters.

The  Tozes felt felt excited  to check the nearby pet shelters.  That is ones that were no more than ten miles from their home in Haverford PA. They go to a popular general search engine.  Lady Lynda types in the search bar finding a dog in a shelter or   rescue no more than ten miles miles from their zip code.  Now the journey would  commence.  They were really excited to begin their journey toward a canine addition to their home.


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