Lady Lynda asks what is the most effective way to help deaf people in the work place.

Lady Lynda reflects to herself how there was a personal stake in her passion for finding solutions for deaf people in the work place. She firmly reminded herself that she was born with the leading genetic cause of deafness. That hearing test at a local hospital ENT department determined she was partially deaf in her left ear,.
“For me helping deaf workers is personal.”
The woman thought of some methods of help hearing impaired workers in the workplace. Some of the ideas she came up with was closed captioning including real time closed captioning, text commmunicating, text phones, teaching non deaf employees sign language. Writing memos as much as possible.

Next Lady Lynda delves into how best to implement the different methods of helping workers with hearing impairment. The woman went over each technology one by one. She began by starting with close captioning, Mrs Toze thought of how on a possibly daily basis how close captioning can help deaf employee, The first example she thought of were training videos. How if everyone can understand what the training or any company related video , for that matter, it would be an even playing field. Each employee could now be capable of understanding the training video.

Next Lady Lynda pictured a meeting where a close captioned video was shown,.Lady Lynda envisioned the example of a video on close captioning She winced as she thought of the irony of deaf workers being unable to follow the video. She thought too that the wording would need to be large enough and clearly written There would need to enough contrast between the color of the words and the background.

Next she pondered the importance of sign language interpreters She reminded herself not every person with deafness reads lips. Sign language the woman reflected as essential for communication between hearing impaired and non hearing impaired employees. There should be no barriers to communication. Workers with hearing problems should participate as much as possible as equally participating employees in the workplace,

Finally she thought of the importance of text communicating including texting.

What happened to Seymour’s Teddybear?

Lady Lynda busily, loviomgly vaccuumed the throw rug on Seymour’s side of the queen sized bed. She thought to herself the best way to please her mate was to make certain his belongings were well cared for. Even if they seemed quirky to her. It was not for her to criticize. It was her to make her spouse truly happy. Even if it seemed strange to her that he kept his teddy bear from childhood. Well at least he doesn’t sleep it she reminded herself. It lays on top of the drawers forever in repose. Besides nobody would want it Its not old enough to be an antique. Its quite decrepit with a tear in the ahem shall I say crochet to put it politely. Its only value is sentimental. Seymour Toze is so wistful for his childhood. I think I’ll go over there to see Teddy and think of my sweet husband.

Seymour’s wife goes over to the drawer. “Oh no Teddy is missing!!!” Lady Lynda felt an emotional avalanche come over her. “Seymour would be so crestfallen if I can’t find his beloved animal. That bear is more than a play thing to him. It means so much. My hubby still forlornly remembers when he was in kindergarten his parents thought he was too close to the stuffed toy So they took him away from little Seymour. Oh Perhaps it was the fact he took the toy everywhere. He even insisted when they went out to eat Teddy go with them. He even required Teddy sit at the table on his own chair. I can still visualize what he did next. He called Coatesevile PA information and asked for the bears phone number. He inquired what’s teddy’s phone number? The operator replied “I need his last name” Toze responded with a quiv4ring high pitched little boy voice. “His last name is Bear”
s beloved childhood favorite was gone.
“That toy means so much to him. I must find it.” With that determination Lady Lynda searched their entire home. She lifted up the cushions of the sofa to see if somehow it wedged itself between t hem. Seymmour’s wife looked to see if there tell tale bumps in the carpeting. Lady Lynda searched everywhere in the home. She wiped her weary, sweaty brow as she became increasingly frustrated. It was as the bear walked off on its own two little plush legs. Seymour was coming home in less than an hour. Oh how upset he’ll be. If only I find Teddy the woman wailed.
“I searched every nook and cranny of our entire home” Lady Lynda wailed. Where oh where can Seymour’s Teddy be. I need to find the darling keepsake. Seymour’s coming home quite soon. He’ll be o so upset his childhood plaything isn’t here.” “It’s like it was here a couple hours ago and now its gone. How could that be” Seymour’s wife bemoaned. “To most people its beat up old toy. To my husband its the epitomy of cherished childhood memories.

Just then Lady Lynda heard the front door open. Her body immediately grew tense when she realize Seymour was home. What was she to do the woman desperately thought? Seymour’s wife heard his footsteps getting louder as Seymour came closer to the master bedroom. She needed to think something fast to explain why his beloved teddy bear was missing. Unfortunately the now unbearably close proximity made coming up with a solution as difficult as finding someone liking cod liver oil. Lady Lynda feeling completely overwhelmed, froze in her tracks. She was so tense she didn’t hear her husband walk into the room. He immediately gasped with concern. “What’s the matter honey?” “I said what is the matter” I’m quite concerned” His wife slowly turned toward him. With tears in her eye in a hesitant voice she told her mate “I am so….so sorry Seymour. I don’t know what happened. I hope I can make it up to you. Teddy is no more” Seymour was taken aback. “No no my darling sweet honey. He’s with me. I took him to get a cleaning.” Lady Lynda didn’t know to sigh a relief or bop him with his teddy bear.

Lady Lynda asks what are Important Accomodations for Workers with disabilities.

It feels so cozy to be cozying next to each other by the warmth of the fireplace in our little den. Seymour told his paramour and wife Lady Lynda. “Yes the crackling fire with its rich warm hues gives off such sparkling delight. Esepecially when we slowly sip our jugs pf Snickerdoodle tea. replied Mrs Toze. “It makes me want to make you even more proud of me”. Seymour Toze slowly, warmly embraced his mate. “How could I ever hold more pride? That talk you did on accommodations for seriously visually impaired workers was so thorough, informative and dare I say brilliant”. His partner blushed. With her face as red as a cooked lobster, Lady Lynda humbly thanked her husband.

“I started off with saying I wasn’t referring to people who were merely nearsighted, medical term myopic where the right prescription glasses was the only thing they needed. I meant employees who were at the very least legally blind who needed much more help in getting the bulk of their responsibilities performed.
“its really impressive how blind people can be helped so much in doing their work” exclaimed Seymour.
“Yes it is quite. But let’s move on. There’s much more to tell.” replied Seymour’s wife” “I’m eager to learn more” Her husband responded enthusiastically.

Next I’ll tell you about how to accommodate workers who were either hard of hearing or deaf. This disability you mentioned was much easier to deal with then the visually impaired since those withearing\impairments can wear hearing aids.
Lady Lynda smiles proudly as she blithely continues discussing innovative technology for low vision employees.
One such neat device is the eye controlled TD pilot mentioned Lady Lynda. The device is geared toward people with limited mobility. It is operated by a worker’s eye movements There’s a different way of assisting employees with intermediate low vision. That is make certain the print is large enough and the background contrasts well enough with the text and illustrations if any. Some prefer a dark background and some like a light background. Generally speaking one shouldn’t generalize. Each way of doing things should be geared to the individual. It depends on how much the person can see . For the completely sightless there is voice control, listening devices. For those with some vision there are ways for them to see by enlarging texts, contrasting backgrounds as I mentioned earlier. For those who use them a service dog for the blind is permitted in the work space. As long as its well behaved and the other workers don’t feel its a nuisance. The staff member utilizing the canine must show proof the animal is part of a disability service. There are dogs for other handicapped staffers but that’s another talk.

Buster the Red Boston Terrier Comes home to the Toze’s.

Lady Lynda Mae Hoffenfetter  Toze Seymourbrings home their brick red boston terrier Buster.   The couple beams with delight there is a canine addition to their household.  To them the dog is perfect just the way he is.  T   I don’t give a flying fig he’d not black and white or sable and white snarls Seymour    He looks so handsome to me.I like just as he is.  Toze happily gushes.
“He looks so darling to me too” commented his wife Lady Lynda

The  couple relishes that Buster  is a year old and  house trained.   That “Being so compact twenty pounds and fifteen inches he won’t need  much exercise .  Plus his short furmerely needs a brushing with al dog brush that  can  bepurchase in a pet supply store.  Yes I believe we made the right choice.Lady Lynda gushed. Seymour heartily agreed.

The dog shyly comes out of his crate and  immediately surveys his immediate surroundings.    He seems bewildered. .  The two fret about making  a mistake.  Then Seymour urged his wife”Don’t give up too easily.  We just need to show him the layout of our domicile. So  he can used used to his home.  Lady Lynda smiled at Seymour’s suggestions.   “Let’s go” Lady Lynda exclaimed. “Let’s start with the foyer..  Then will work  out way to the living room, dining room,bedroom,. the kitchen, guestroom,   den, rec. room,  basement” rattled Seymour’s

He needs to know that he feels comfortable, secure here..   We are responsible for his safety  his well being.  Yes indeed. we must be fair to him.  He is totally dependent on us. He is here to stay. . They insist ot not shirking their responsibilitities And with vet visits for periodic checkups for making certain his shots are up to date that could be for a very long time.   Lady Lynda and Seymour Toze delight in their decision.

“We must make absolutely certain he learns the basic commands asap.   I wouldn’t be surprised bein he’s a year old he knows some basic commands.  The next day we will test to see if he knows the following  commands.  Come, stay, fetch. If he know to walk with us not definitely not ahead of us.  That we are his alpha dogs.  That he realizes he can’t jump on people, especially our guests.  It is of utmost necessity for us , our guests and Buster he learns his manners.  Well Lady Lynda your first non human client in the teaching of proper etiquette.  I bet you’d be quite good at this since you are expert on these manners . “But he’s a dog.”  retorted Lady Lady.  He’s not a human.  How can he learn as such.  How on earth can I teach him as if he were a little child. H needs to be taught as a canine.  I  need to brush on the training part of our dog books.I’m certain if I do that there shouldn’t be much of a problem training him.  I do recall Boston Terriers pick up new information quite quickly.  For dogs they are very intelligent.  I mean that they can easily learn new information.    He is not  a small human he is an animal of the canis major family  “Your right my dear sweet practical Lady Lynda But for now let him get a good night sleep as much as he caninely possibly can.  I suspect he right now needs his sleep.   Tomorrow as Scarlet O’Hara said  Margeret Mitchell epic civil war novel “Tomorrow is another day”  With that in mind  why don’t  we call it a day and go our bedroom,  get  cozy and get some much needed shuteye.  The dog can sleep in his crate   We were told he is crate trained.  With that comforting thought in mind the  couple are set t oget their much needed sleep.  For they are utterly exhausted and filled with joyful excitement, anticipation of owning a pet.


Netiquette for Networker Newbies

  •  Lady Lynda by the way she  stately walked across the stage displayed  her confidence with the attendees watching her in their seats.  .  Months of experience lecturing to people made her feel used to talking to strangers.  Plus the careful,  preparation down to the minutest steps helped prepare for this moment.   The saying she fondly recalled that strangers are merely friends we didn’t know yet greatly encouraged her.
    The woman quickly eyeballed the audience.    she slowly walked across the stage a  secpmd to,e as she surveyed the people who came to see her talk netiquette for newbies.
  • “Please always say to yourself.  Everyone is human.  None of us are machines.  I know that sounds obvious.   Yet many of us forget that we are communicating with other people.  Consistently be polite.   Take the high road. .  If someone is rude , heckles you or otherwise goads you never stoop to their level. ” In internet terms don’t feed the troll.”   The lecturer smiled as the audience reacted quite favorably to her remark.
  • Lady Linda continued with telling the clients “One good way of knowing what is proper behavior is to check out the cyberspace you are in by going there sans making comments.  In other words lurk before you make yourself to be a jerk.
  • Be respectful of others time, bandwidth.
  • Check your grammar, spelling and punctuation. Don’t go into vulgarities.  Writing Fing is equally as bad as writing the complete word.  Don’t curse.   For example its far better to say or type I respectfully disagree vs you’re full of…you know.  …
  • Definitely feel free to share your relevant experiences.    Equally important let others share theirs.   Never talk over someone talking.   That is something people truly dislike.  On the net try not to
  • Help keep flame* wars under control  Even better try your best to not let them happen.
  • Respect the privacy of everyone participating in what ever capacity possible. The only exception and I doubt this  will happen, if someone is a danger to self or others.
  • Be respectful of other’s feelings, viewpoints, perspectives.
  • Lastly we are human and everyone of us makes mistakes.    If you feel the need to correct someone do it gently, unobstrusively.  I hope you enjoyed my talk  Even more importantly you learned how to better  communicate on the net in a civil , courteous way.”
  • The men and women’s reaction with their loud clapping  pleased Lady Lynda very much.

Lady Lynda’s Confidence Restored.

:ady Lynda sat there glumly on her paisley upholstered sofa contemplating what precisely came in effect because of her etiquette teachings to the students. How edifying was her teachings? Yes it was true there was a soiree but what happened next? Yes what did happen? Did her as they say on that new fangled net , her BFF Auntie Carol. Did she know?
There was this Lourdes, aka Lala and her gentleman friend Francisco. She of the Charm School for Wayward Girls. He of The Pequot Reform School for Dastardly Bastards. That ruffian was no gentleman when she first met him. Lady Lynda reminisced. She thought of the Latino Francisco, olive skin, and ebony eyes. His face was a stark contrast in disconcerting dissonance. His lady friend Lala was olive, statuesque, voluptious. Lourdes was an apt name for her for Lord knows how she’d turn out. Auntie Carol’s colleague remembered her experiences with the wayward girls and the dastardly bastards, las Combronas. She recalled most specifically the remarkably handsome Francisco and Lala. Her successes in inculcating in proper deportment. She made them former neer do wells. That was her shining hour and her crowning glory. Now her spirits brightened and knew what to tell her potential agent.
The woman was still nervous as she dialed the phone. This time she was feeling somewhat more confident.

Lady Lynda tries to teach an etiquette lesson to the girls of “The Charm School for Wayward Girls”

Lady Lynda entered the classroom feeling terrorized by the brazen girls of the charm school for wayward girls. It was this way every time she tried to teach manners lessons to them.“. The next moment she was in front of the students. Her prim carnation pink wool suit suited her well. The woman’s opaque stockings and flat black patent

leather shoes matched her demeanor well. Her salt and pepper hair (tense agreement ) was done in a conservative style,ala “Leave it to be Beaver’s June Cleaver’s . Her makeup was tasteful,,mascara, hint of pink rose on her lips. Immediately before her talk she quickly pinched her rounded cheeks for a rosy glow   The thirtyish woman was accompanied by the persistent presence of her little white gloves..That made her reminescent of Disney cartoon characters.

The teen girls sit sullen in their wooden chairs, behind their matching desks. They look glum as if this is the last place they want to be. Mrs Toze oblivious to their expression blithely continues her talk.These are all in present tense and as it is by it self as a para that would work.

“Hello class Welcome to Etiquette 101. I would love for you to think of here as your manner manor. A little word play for your amusement. Were it not for manners, our world would have been blown up long ago. Manners are your entre into the world of high society and I’m sure you’ll be glad of this at your Coming Out Ball.” Mrs Seymour Toze immediately notices on the faces of the teens a look of consternation.

“At any rate we are here to teach you the ins and outs of behaving mannerly.”

Just then one of the more insolent girls dressed in a tank top and tight denim skirt so high it might as swell be a belt, quipped. “In and out remindsme? of something I really could use right now.”

“I know what you’re referring to.   The proper term is coitis. Sex is too mundane a word to describe such a woman’s most precious activity,and is permissible only in the confines of a sanctified marriage. Do not cheapen your most precious possession, your virginity!” intoned Lady Lynda.Is such necessary. Or does such mean as in such a woman that would have sex.

Suddenly an adolescent girl’s bubble gum burst on her face. Lady Lynda told her she was the height of rudeness. The girl apologized. She then proceeded to scrape the gum off her face and stick it underneath her desk. Lady Lynda looks on in horror and disgust.

Lady Lynda said “Did you ever realize about the germs on that gum. How you’re spreading disease. What if radiation caused it to change it into a giant pink blob that devours people! Ever think of that?!!!