Lady Lynda Expounds upon the Importance of being Considerate of the feelings for Networking Newbies

Lady Lynda Expounds upon her calling of saving the world through Etiquette
Lady Lynda, sitting on her rose pink divan, fanned herself to try to eliminate her vapors. The now celebrity etiquette expert was hard at work thinking up some bon mots for her upcoming lecture in Rose Tree PA. Roses enlivened her tender sensibilities. The flowers of love. Yet as she polished her tidbits she basks in the glow of her splendid tour. She at last finds her true calling. She will talk about how utterly important decorum is in virtually every situation. Especially in networking. Since consideration for other’s feelings, views is crucial in networking, It is essential for men and women to be mannerly. The worst fault was to be uncouth.  Be consistently  couth.

With her fountain pen , Mrs Seymour Toze begins to write in an elegant Elegant Edwardian Scrip;t ITC script her notes The very idea of using a word program on her computer was so plebian.

The earnest woman solumnly reminds herself to  say the following at her talk. To even mention, let alone sing the “Band” song by Levon Helm “Stage Fright” to any performer would be the height of cruelty. These are such sensitive souls. Those poor dears with their rapacious fans. It would be the height of disrespect. Speaking of that word, never mention height to a little person. That phrase rubs it in that they’re vertically challenged. On the other extreme, the height of considerateness is to be sensitive to other’s feelings.  They might think you’re rubbing it in. Don’t egive a dwarf short shrift.

The proud woman stood as tall as she could with her five feet one frame. At least she made it pass the minimal requirements of the civil rights group fo short statured persons. But there for the grace of the LORD she poured her heart to those who were less fortunate than her, heightwise. My point is respect for one’s feelings are important. And that includes when you’re talking to a business client too. Businesses are made of people and virtually every person wants to be treated with respect and consideration for their feelings.

“This may seem quite quaint to you young men and woman here. I believe couples should be celibate before marriage. Remember no hanky panky. She waved her index finger at them. A quick kiss on the cheek is fine but please don’t get out of line. A chaste kiss on the lips. And other tips. A gentle embrace as you gaze at each others face.

One impudent young man stood up. He shouted “Isn’t that from a song by “Three Dog Night?”
Lady Lynda looked confused. She wondered what the chap was referring to. What did the American and Irish band do with celibacy. She looked puzzled. The man who was showed such impudence began singing “Celibate, celibate, dance to the music.”

“No, no that’s not it at all. I fear you don’t know what I mean. she proclaimed indignantly. For your edification it means…I know what it means dearie. I was only joking with you. Can’t you take a joke? “I can’t take rudeness, disrespect. Getting back to what I was saying. Two people in a relationship should refrain from consumating it before becoming man and wife.”

“Every romantic twosome should respect each others chastity. Young ladies I think we talk honestly I feel you should draw the line. She touches her neck. Not here and certainly not there” With that sentiment and feeling she educated the crowd she walks off with a self confident smile on her pert pink lips. She beams with pride as she exits the stage with thunderous applause.