Lady Lynda’s Truly Innovative New Direction.

lady Lynda was feeling it. Like a gambler who knows for absolute certain the next gamble will be the winning move. She was feeling her efforts in helping net newbies would soon be rewarded. It was a good feeling, a very good feeling that she greatly enjoyed, She smiled confidently knowing she would prove successful in reaching out to those new to the net. Teach them its good to use their imagination and not to settle for the status quo.
Indecision. Deciding what to do next, Thinking of the future and how bright it is. Beginning of a new better relationship with husband Seymour Toze. Chariot heading for success wishes come true, nine of wands, star.
“I feel like branching out” exclaimed Lady Lynda to Seymour. Her husband sneered “Not another idea” His wife snapped back” “I know what I’m doing, saying. This will be a major game changer proclaimed Lady Lynd Seymour perked up his ears. His wife noticing his keen interest explained she would contact people with disabilities themselves. Inquire what they think is most important to them when it comes to the work place and its environs
How do you plan to get started on your new projected queried Lady Lynda’s mate. She responded with I need to decide where to begin and then go from there. “Is there something I can help you with Lady Lynda? Toze asked sincerely. His wife told her husband he can be encouraging to her, Encouragement to proceed.” “I don’t blame you my Lady Lynda Sounds like an innovative idea” Thank you so very, very much for the compliment my true love Seymour Toze.

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