Lady Lynda and Her Sole mate Seymour Toze life changes dramatically in the Days of Coronavirus

Lady Lynda is wearing her full length pink and red flannel nightgown.   Seymour wears his teddybear  cotton pajamas.   They lay next to each other on their old fashion four poster bed.  The two snuggle up together affectionately     The two are enjoying their moments just before retiring for the night.   Yet  as they enjoy their moments together they feel an air of heaviness realizinf  the seriousness of the situation.   There is no escaping the matter.of COVID-19

At keast we git each oither, ” quipped Lady Lynda’s spouse. ”  I feel the same way” exclaimed Seymour.    Our place is quite cozy for the two of us.   Thank goodness there’s our landline and cell phone.”  Plus our internet ” commented Lady Lynda    Still I miss the sunshine.  Or  the outdoors.   “Yes it is rather restricting but we need to   put on our stiff upper lips so we flatten the curve for this terrible virus.   I do miss doing my pedicures.   .  The   I really miss giving so much pleasure to my middle aged , most grateful lady customers with their sore tired feet.   I feel I was so uplifting to them.   Those were the days.]

”   Tomorrow I’ll go on unemployment and get what I’m due.   “I hope its enough Lady Lynda exclaimed . “If my due isn’t enough we’ll make do.  ”   Its so hard to do that especially with so many creeps hoarding.   Its one thing to stock up but fifty rolls of paper products indeed”  remarked Toze’s wife.  “We can’t stop everyone we can only do the best we can with what we got.”   Let’s buckle down and get through this.  We can’t  ignore this and wish it would disappear . We need to what we can to lessen the curve.”

“That begs the question my dear what is the best way to get through this coronavirus crisis ”    queried Seymour.    Lady Lynda replied “We need to be diligent in our social distancing.  That means not to leave where you live unless totally necessary   If you go out stay as much as possible six feet away from other people.   I recommend wearing a surgical mask or somehow covering up your nose and mouth. Making your own and freeing professional health care masks for health workers on the frontline of this horrible scourge.   Cough into your elbow.  Wash your hands for at minimum twenty seconds.  I suggest singing to yourself “Row row row your boat” twice. Or “Happy Birthday” two times.   “Hey what ever makes your toes tap”  quipped Seymour.