Stitch Writing Excercise. Waitress (me) meeting at a local neighborhood bar a famous writer. Mary Shelley.

I am a waitress at “Vincente’s Bar and Pizzeria.”.  It’s nothing fancy. Wooden floor, sturdy, casual chairs,  crimson linoleum tables.   Just a place to hang out with friends over beer and pizza.

There she was sitting in the corner cradeling her IPA beer.  “

Mary don’t be so contrary.  Get out of your shell Mary Shelly.  Don’t be so darn pensive.  This is a friendly spot  This is not a place keep to yourself.

The demure novelist  wistfully  looked up at me from chugging down her Guiness Stout. She said “I feel so upset over so many inferior versions of my most notable novel “Frankenstein”.   For me it was my cherished literary treasure.    So many second thoughts of what became of my classic work   Titles such  as “I Frankenstein”,  “Frankenstein Created Woman”,  “The Horror of Frankenstein”, so many others.   People think the monster is Frankenstein.  Frankenstein was It’s creator
I told her “That reminds me of the line in the movie “Young Frankenstein” by Mel Brooks where Gene Wilder as the dr.  says his name is pronouced Frankensteen, not Frankenstine.    That motion picture was hilarious.   For that matter so was “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein”   Lighten up Mary Shelley There’s still the classics “Frankenstein” starring Boris Karloff as the creature and his  creator played by Colin Clive.   The sequel too “Bride of Frankenstein with Karloff as the monster.  Elsa Lancastor as his bride.” Some other very good versions too.
“Now that you mentioned it. Mary Shelley replied “There was some funny scenes in “Young Frankenstein” such as the monster in white tie and tales singing “Putting on the Ritz”,  Cloris Leachman dramatically intoning “He was my….boy friend”.   Everyone was great Gene Wilder as Frankenstein,  Peter Boyle as the monster, wild eyed Marty Feldman, Madeline Kahn too.  Don’t you see Mary its good sometimes to not take yourself so seriously.”

“You know now that you mentioned it its good to lighten up at times.  By the way what is your name?  “Its Lynda Appell I live near by and I am truly glad we met. “So am I.”

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