Netiquette for Networker Newbies

  •  Lady Lynda by the way she  stately walked across the stage displayed  her confidence with the attendees watching her in their seats.  .  Months of experience lecturing to people made her feel used to talking to strangers.  Plus the careful,  preparation down to the minutest steps helped prepare for this moment.   The saying she fondly recalled that strangers are merely friends we didn’t know yet greatly encouraged her.
    The woman quickly eyeballed the audience.    she slowly walked across the stage a  secpmd to,e as she surveyed the people who came to see her talk netiquette for newbies.
  • “Please always say to yourself.  Everyone is human.  None of us are machines.  I know that sounds obvious.   Yet many of us forget that we are communicating with other people.  Consistently be polite.   Take the high road. .  If someone is rude , heckles you or otherwise goads you never stoop to their level. ” In internet terms don’t feed the troll.”   The lecturer smiled as the audience reacted quite favorably to her remark.
  • Lady Linda continued with telling the clients “One good way of knowing what is proper behavior is to check out the cyberspace you are in by going there sans making comments.  In other words lurk before you make yourself to be a jerk.
  • Be respectful of others time, bandwidth.
  • Check your grammar, spelling and punctuation. Don’t go into vulgarities.  Writing Fing is equally as bad as writing the complete word.  Don’t curse.   For example its far better to say or type I respectfully disagree vs you’re full of…you know.  …
  • Definitely feel free to share your relevant experiences.    Equally important let others share theirs.   Never talk over someone talking.   That is something people truly dislike.  On the net try not to
  • Help keep flame* wars under control  Even better try your best to not let them happen.
  • Respect the privacy of everyone participating in what ever capacity possible. The only exception and I doubt this  will happen, if someone is a danger to self or others.
  • Be respectful of other’s feelings, viewpoints, perspectives.
  • Lastly we are human and everyone of us makes mistakes.    If you feel the need to correct someone do it gently, unobstrusively.  I hope you enjoyed my talk  Even more importantly you learned how to better  communicate on the net in a civil , courteous way.”
  • The men and women’s reaction with their loud clapping  pleased Lady Lynda very much.

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