Lady Lynda Writes a Poem Dedicated to Seymour.

Lady Lynda decided to write a sentimental poem on the subject of her endearing love for Seymour Toze.

I still remember how we met that day in high school.

We were in swin class at a borrowed pool.

I still recall how shy he looked with his head down.

Yet I could tell even then he was no fool.

Our eyes gazed upon each other.
I felt as if my heart leaped out of my soul.

He gazed upon me in my pert two piece bathing suit.

He perused my body as it was a  pirates treasure map.

He focused on my toes because he seemed to shy to look up.

He seemed so vulnerable at that moment like a lost pup.

Then he lifted his eyes and stared into mine.

He immedimately noticed my eyes were different hues.

He thought that was interesting so very fine.

I knew then he would be mine.

He let me know first thing he noticed were my epicanthus.

My flat bridge

I didn’t know what to feel.   I just knew it was just him And me no matter how

many other students were on that campus.


Throughout the years we  shared a love so deep and true
Though we never said I do.

From the moment we started to live in unity

I knew that we would live in harmony.

When I was at my shyest  most sensitive

It was a magical moment

I still treasure

It was a time well spent

It was an encounter that  was a wonderful pleasure..

Now I alone gaze down upon
Your resting place since you’ve been gone;
Now, Love, this rose inside my heart
Has lost it’s petals one by one

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