Mysterious Phone Call from the Past.

Lady Lynda is relaxing in the boidoir, launging on the love recliner. She suddenly hears the phone ring. She jumps up from being startled from the sudden ringing. She looks at the wall clock. Its 12:30 am. Who in tShe soon learns from recognizing his snarky voice its a former male student at Mr Pequots reform school for dastardly boys. Lady Lynda firmly tells Francisco she is a married woman. He laughs and suggests a side hustle if you know what I mean. Seymour’s wife gasps. “I am not that type of woman. Besides you’re at least ten years my junior.” Plus its past midnight. Why are you calling me so late? she snapped. Suddenly the other line is silent. She breathed a deep sigh of relief. Too soon she quickly realizes the deep male voice tells her.
Lady Lynda thinks how to deal with the situation.
She feels the skin behind her back bristle. She immediately notices an increase in sweet that was profuse throughout her body. Lady Lynda convinced herself that she needed to do something quickly. Especially when she noticed sSymour entering the boudoir. As he enters he immediately notices her on the phone. “Who could be calling at this late hour” he exclaimed. Lady Lynda startled , stammers as she tries to explain. Her face flushed with embaressment, her explanation coming out of her mouth like randomrichtaing ping pong balls.
Seymour is alarmed. What is happening to his dear, sweet loving wife. Lady Lynda gestures with flung arms swinging wildly. She states at her husband desperate for him to help her. Her mate rushes to her and tightly embrAces her to help her calm down. He feels her heartbeat percolating next to his brawny chest. He breaths a sigh of relief when he notices Lady Lady is slowly becoming calm.

What is it dear. You can tell me. I promise not to judge.” His wife replies in hushed tones, “Some boy who was my student a moment ago called me” “Tell the squirt you’re a married woman.” he snapped at her. His wife shed a tea at the harschness of his voice, his behavior. Seymour immediately felt sorry for his wife. He came over and caressed her. I’m sorry I was so hard on you.” I don’t mind. I really don’t mind. That does sound like a good suggestion. I’ll tell him right now. With that Seymour Tozes’s wife spoke clearly into the phone. I’m a married woman scram!!!” Click.

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