What happened to Seymour’s Teddybear?

Lady Lynda busily, loviomgly vaccuumed the throw rug on Seymour’s side of the queen sized bed. She thought to herself the best way to please her mate was to make certain his belongings were well cared for. Even if they seemed quirky to her. It was not for her to criticize. It was her to make her spouse truly happy. Even if it seemed strange to her that he kept his teddy bear from childhood. Well at least he doesn’t sleep it she reminded herself. It lays on top of the drawers forever in repose. Besides nobody would want it Its not old enough to be an antique. Its quite decrepit with a tear in the ahem shall I say crochet to put it politely. Its only value is sentimental. Seymour Toze is so wistful for his childhood. I think I’ll go over there to see Teddy and think of my sweet husband.

Seymour’s wife goes over to the drawer. “Oh no Teddy is missing!!!” Lady Lynda felt an emotional avalanche come over her. “Seymour would be so crestfallen if I can’t find his beloved animal. That bear is more than a play thing to him. It means so much. My hubby still forlornly remembers when he was in kindergarten his parents thought he was too close to the stuffed toy So they took him away from little Seymour. Oh Perhaps it was the fact he took the toy everywhere. He even insisted when they went out to eat Teddy go with them. He even required Teddy sit at the table on his own chair. I can still visualize what he did next. He called Coatesevile PA information and asked for the bears phone number. He inquired what’s teddy’s phone number? The operator replied “I need his last name” Toze responded with a quiv4ring high pitched little boy voice. “His last name is Bear”
s beloved childhood favorite was gone.
“That toy means so much to him. I must find it.” With that determination Lady Lynda searched their entire home. She lifted up the cushions of the sofa to see if somehow it wedged itself between t hem. Seymmour’s wife looked to see if there tell tale bumps in the carpeting. Lady Lynda searched everywhere in the home. She wiped her weary, sweaty brow as she became increasingly frustrated. It was as the bear walked off on its own two little plush legs. Seymour was coming home in less than an hour. Oh how upset he’ll be. If only I find Teddy the woman wailed.
“I searched every nook and cranny of our entire home” Lady Lynda wailed. Where oh where can Seymour’s Teddy be. I need to find the darling keepsake. Seymour’s coming home quite soon. He’ll be o so upset his childhood plaything isn’t here.” “It’s like it was here a couple hours ago and now its gone. How could that be” Seymour’s wife bemoaned. “To most people its beat up old toy. To my husband its the epitomy of cherished childhood memories.

Just then Lady Lynda heard the front door open. Her body immediately grew tense when she realize Seymour was home. What was she to do the woman desperately thought? Seymour’s wife heard his footsteps getting louder as Seymour came closer to the master bedroom. She needed to think something fast to explain why his beloved teddy bear was missing. Unfortunately the now unbearably close proximity made coming up with a solution as difficult as finding someone liking cod liver oil. Lady Lynda feeling completely overwhelmed, froze in her tracks. She was so tense she didn’t hear her husband walk into the room. He immediately gasped with concern. “What’s the matter honey?” “I said what is the matter” I’m quite concerned” His wife slowly turned toward him. With tears in her eye in a hesitant voice she told her mate “I am so….so sorry Seymour. I don’t know what happened. I hope I can make it up to you. Teddy is no more” Seymour was taken aback. “No no my darling sweet honey. He’s with me. I took him to get a cleaning.” Lady Lynda didn’t know to sigh a relief or bop him with his teddy bear.

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