Lady Lynda asks what is the most effective way to help deaf people in the work place.

Lady Lynda reflects to herself how there was a personal stake in her passion for finding solutions for deaf people in the work place. She firmly reminded herself that she was born with the leading genetic cause of deafness. That hearing test at a local hospital ENT department determined she was partially deaf in her left ear,.
“For me helping deaf workers is personal.”
The woman thought of some methods of help hearing impaired workers in the workplace. Some of the ideas she came up with was closed captioning including real time closed captioning, text commmunicating, text phones, teaching non deaf employees sign language. Writing memos as much as possible.

Next Lady Lynda delves into how best to implement the different methods of helping workers with hearing impairment. The woman went over each technology one by one. She began by starting with close captioning, Mrs Toze thought of how on a possibly daily basis how close captioning can help deaf employee, The first example she thought of were training videos. How if everyone can understand what the training or any company related video , for that matter, it would be an even playing field. Each employee could now be capable of understanding the training video.

Next Lady Lynda pictured a meeting where a close captioned video was shown,.Lady Lynda envisioned the example of a video on close captioning She winced as she thought of the irony of deaf workers being unable to follow the video. She thought too that the wording would need to be large enough and clearly written There would need to enough contrast between the color of the words and the background.

Next she pondered the importance of sign language interpreters She reminded herself not every person with deafness reads lips. Sign language the woman reflected as essential for communication between hearing impaired and non hearing impaired employees. There should be no barriers to communication. Workers with hearing problems should participate as much as possible as equally participating employees in the workplace,

Finally she thought of the importance of text communicating including texting.

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